• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Mayorkun feature on UK, Nigerian artist’s “Left Right” Remix

Mayorkun feature on UK, Nigerian artist’s “Left Right” Remix

UK, Nigerian rising star Keys the Prince has released a remix of his song ‘Left Right’, featuring Afrobeats’ superstar Mayorkun.

The original track, which took social media and music airwaves by storm especially in the UK space has been a fan favorite, the remix is expected to further propel the song’s popularity in Nigeria considering the Mayorkun feature.

‘Left Right’ pays homage to iconic gospel musician, Yinka Ayefele by sampling the chorus of Ayefele’s hit song. This homage adds a layer of nostalgia to Prince’s breakthrough song.

The video of the original song was shot in the UK but Prince has decided to come back the the motherland Nigeria to film the music video for the remix.

Signed to 5K Records, a imprint of Sony Music UK, Keys the Prince (also known as Omo London) is known for his unique incorporation of percussion and samples from classic songs. This sound has garnered him a following in both the UK and Nigeria.

Also, 5K Records, in a move to solidify its presence in Africa, recently appointed Daniel Gbemiro Owolabi as Senior A&R Manager. This appointment signals the label’s commitment to fostering African music’s global potential.

Moe Bah, Co-President of 5K Records said, “Daniel’s extensive experience in West Africa, particularly in talent development, is invaluable. Daniel is highly respected by artists and executives for his years of dedication to the industry. This will provide 5K with deeper market insights and enable us to build strong partnerships within Africa.”

Co-President of 5K Records, Kilo Jalloh, emphasised the label’s unwavering commitment to African music: “African music is more than just a genre; it’s our heritage. We understand the importance of nurturing a local fanbase while simultaneously building a global audience. Libianca’s song ‘People’ reaching a billion streams is a testament to the impact of strategic groundwork in Africa.”