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Lecturer Problem Series: Episode 2.

I used to hear about lecturers blackmailing students, but I never imagined I would experience such especially in Babcock University. I mean I thought it only happened in Federal or state universities, but now I know it’s like a disease that has eaten deep into every Nigerian University.


It was in 2002; I was in 300 level and I had just finished my exam for the course, when the lecturer told me to wait behind after I had turned in my paper. I thought it was strange for him to ask me to wait behind, being that I passed all my tests and assignment, but I stayed back still.


I wasn’t comfortable anyway, I was very hungry and my friends had to leave me because I was taking too long waiting for the lecturer.

Alas, the last person turned in his answer sheet and the lecturer gave me the pile of exam sheets to take with and for him to his office.


On getting there, some other students from his other classes were waiting for him. He let everyone in, but after about 5 minutes he asked everyone to leave, saying he had to attend to the answer scripts.

I stood up to leave, and then he said in an aggressive tone “YOU SIT DOWN!!”  Now I was scared. I thought he had caught me teaching my friend in the exam hall, and was about to query me. Next thing I knew he went to lock his door, sat next to me and started touching me. I was visibly shocked and started withdrawing, and then he asked if I was a virgin and had a boyfriend, I said yes to both questions.

He started making all kind of promises, saying he was going to take care of me, as he wanted us to date. This was my lecturer, a married man I was supposed to respect, a married man at that! I felt disgusted at him. I told him my age (I was 17years then) which I thought would make him leave me, but he said it didn’t matter at all! By now I was famished so I told him I had to leave because I was starving, then he offered to buy me food which I declined because I knew better.


At this point he was putting so much pressure on me that I started getting really scared about my grades. I knew I detested him, what I didn’t know is if he was going to use my rejection of his advances to affect my grades.


He kept asking random questions and telling me how he could send cabs from Lagos to Ogun state where he lived, so we could meet over the holidays. I watched him in disgust as he talked about satisfying his lust, and I cringed at every silly question and silly comment. I kept withdrawing from his advances and he kept saying “Stop acting like a baby”.

Then I lied that I had to go and pack because my Mom was coming to pick me, so he made me drop my number before letting me go.



The next day I left school for home and this man kept calling my line over and over for the first one week! I couldn’t take it anymore so I changed my line. I thought I was free, but after a few days I got a friend request on Facebook from him which I declined. He didn’t reach out again so I thought I was free.



On the day that our results came out, I discovered that I failed his exam. How possible was it for me to fail an exam where those I taught passed? My friends and I knew why I had failed because I told them everything, so they advised me to confront him because I was scared to go to his office.

I finally got the courage and went to his office, only for him to look me in the eye and ask me “Who are you?” and acted like he had never seen me before! At first I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt that he failed me due to an honest mistake, but his actions in his office on that day verified that he did it out of spite. I was so mad at him and resolved to report the matter to the department head, so I zoomed out of his office.

I was already in front of the office of the department head when he stopped me. He said he was going to change my grade, that it took a process to fill some documents and all. I believed his cooked up story and didn’t report anymore.


All through the holiday nothing happened. So when the next semester began I went to his office again, and he said I should just register for the course and that I didn’t even need to attend classes, that he was going to put my grades up at the end of the semester.


Upon resumption of the next semester, he saw me and acted professionally and asked me to come to his office, saying it was regarding the class issue. I innocently went only for him to change the story that I needed to attend classes because of the school policy, and I could miss classes here and there. Then he dropped another bombshell; that his offer was still open, and started repeating the things he said the other semester. I simply told him off and left his office. I was scared but I kept going to the class until something happened.



Fortunately, my mom told me to withdraw from the school because we were moving out of the country. I’m sure I would have failed the class again that semester if I was still in the school.


Few weeks later I left Nigeria, but my only regret is me not reporting the matter to my department head or even my mom.

Who knows how many people he would have cajoled into doing his bidding and satisfying his lust?

Who knows how long he has been doing this?

Monsters like him exist in virtually all universities in Nigeria, and their prey suffers the most.


This is a true life story was sent in anonymously. If you have a similar experience, send your story to the email below.


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Umeh Writes amazing short stories, poems and whatever he feels inspired to write on. He writes more on happenings within his country and beyond, and his write ups can be spiritual, expository, deep and precise.

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