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Lecturer Problem Series: Episode 1

When I heard that the result of the exam was out, I didn’t know if I should be excited or worried.

For the past four years, whenever I went to check the result of this exam I always felt like having hypertension!

I gathered courage and went to the board where the result was pasted, panting heavily and saying the Lord’s Prayer. Then I saw my name on the board, and yet again the result was the same!


My God! What have I gotten myself into? This was the fourth time I wrote this course and my score had always been 38!  Just 2 more marks to pass! This had repeated its self too much to remain a coincidence. I knew exactly what the problem was!



In my second year I had an encounter that is haunting me till date, and has made me stay 7 years for a 5-year course. I am a student of Federal university of Technology Minna, studying xxxxxx. The course is not an easy one, but despite the stress I managed to fall in love with Emmanuella my course mate. We were not dating, but I never hid my feelings from her! I knew she liked me too, but I felt there was something distracting her from me. I should have read the writings on the wall and moved on, but this feeling called love will always find a way to ruin a man!


One day I paid Emmanuella a surprise visit in her lodge. She was busy in the kitchen, so I decided to wait for her in her room. Upon entering in, I was surprised to see another man inside. The room was quite dark so I couldn’t really see the face of the person, nor did I stress myself to look as I was busy checking my Instagram notification. I casually stretched my hand out to shake the guy sitting on the bed, but he left my hand hanging in the air. Now I had to check who it was. I flashed the light from my phone on his face, and the shock I got pinned my feet to the ground for a few seconds that felt like eternity!


Oh my goodness! The guy sitting on Emmanuella’s bed was Mr. Kanayo my lecturer. I stood there mouth agape, frozen like I was hypnotized by subzero and stuck to the ground like there was dangote’s cement fixing my legs o the ground. Unable to think or move, I stared at him like I had seen a ghost! Then like a flash of light I zoomed out of the room, and ran as fast as my legs could carry me!


Mr. Kanayo taught us GST 104, and after that day I didn’t attend any of his classes again! In fact, whenever I saw him from afar I hid myself from him. I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye after that day. Nevertheless, I read his notes and text book and sat for his exam. With the effort I put in reading his materials, I expected nothing but an A.

When the result came out, to my surprise I failed the course! I couldn’t understand how I scored 38, but people who copied from me got B’s and A’s. Weird! The following year I sat for the exam, and yet again I scored 38!


On the other end Mr Kanayo had been promoted, and is now our Level adviser and Exam Officer. He was now very influential, and I didn’t need a town crier to tell me I was in a deep mess.


I confided in my parents and told them what was happening, but they took the matter lightly. They said I failed the course because I wasn’t serious with my studies. There was no one to run to, so I endured my predicament and carried my heavy cross alone.



It’s now my 7th year in this school, whereas I was studying a 5-year course. I couldn’t graduate because Mr. Kanayo keeps failing me. It’s always embarrassing when people ask what is still keeping me in school and I say it’s a GST course!

My weak areas are Maths and physics which I have passed,  why will I find it difficult to pass an ordinary GST course? Each time I go to the GST office they keep saying I passed the course, but my exam officer keeps saying otherwise!


Because I had stayed over the number of years I was supposed to stay in school, my parents finally stepped into the case and presented the matter to my department. Now they promised to follow up on the matter and ensure I clear the course.
I am very hopeful now that they have stepped into this matter! I can’t wait to pass this course, leave this environment and go face the real world.




Bio of Writer.

Umeh Augustine Ogadinma whose brand name is UmehWrites is a prolific writer and social media publicist/influencer. He is from Imo state in Nigeria, and a graduate of Abia State University, Uturu.

Umeh Writes amazing short stories, poems and whatever he feels inspired to write on. He writes more on happenings within his country and beyond, and his write ups can be spiritual, expository, deep and precise.

Umeh has created an online presence for himself, as he’s the founder of UmehWrites.com and Ngpapers.com. With vast social media presence, he is an online influencer and has worked with brands, individuals and continues to do so. In general, UmehWrites is a creative writer and social media influencer.

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