• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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IWD: Perfect outfits for a boss lady

IWD: Perfect outfits for a boss lady

As the world marks International Women’s Day 2024, the spotlight continues to intensify on the strides made in the ongoing pursuit of gender equality.

This year’s theme, ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,’ focuses on addressing economic disempowerment.

In pushing for economic empowerment, it’s important to also note that women have made significant progress in various fields, including business, politics, and entertainment. And while being at the top as a lady can be hard sometimes, dressing like one shouldn’t be (if you are not a boss yet, it does not mean you cannot dress like a boss).

The boss lady look is simply about combining different outfits so that you will look professional and, at the same time, confident, intelligent, and elegant. A confident woman is on a mission, and her style, rather than being a hindrance, supports that.

Panaprium carefully handpicked several outfits that a boss lady should be adorned on. Here are some of the outfits:

Suit jackets and blazers

Suit jackets and blazers are not only versatile but professional too. Regardless of your work dress code, a blazer or a suit jacket will fit right in! You can wear it with a matching dress, dress pants or jeans, and a blouse to show professionalism and that you have everything under control.

These pieces will make you look sophisticated and classy regardless of how you wear them.

Power Suit

A power suit is a classic option for a boss lady outfit. It exudes authority and professionalism. A well-fitted suit in a neutral color like black, grey, or navy will make you look confident and in control.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a timeless pick for a boss lady who wants to create the illusion of nice curves or accentuate their curves. This timeless design is excellent for women with hourglass or rectangular figures. It is designed to embrace the body’s contours and highlight the bottom part.

You can pair the sleek and sophisticated outfit with a blouse for a polished look. Go for a blouse in a light color or a bold print for a pop of color. Check out our cute and stylish pencil skirts if you want to look and feel fabulously bossy with a clean conscience.

Wrap dress

Instead of a basic black dress, or a sweater dress, sub in something interesting. Wrap dresses are ideal since they are simple to wear and look fabulous. They also come in various designs and colors to suit different tastes.

Peplum dress

Choose a lovely peplum dress or an elegant fit and flare if you want something less clinging. These looks will highlight your curves and give you the aura of confidence that every lady boss should have.

Blazer with denim

To keep your look presentable when wearing denim to work, you should dress it up a touch. As a result, consider wearing your jeans with a coat or blazer.

A few things to look for in your jeans: go for a jet-black wash without rips, and it should have some stretch so it doesn’t cut into your waist when sitting down. Finish the ensemble with suede heels and a camp tee.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are ideal for any boss lady who wishes to look fashionable and stylish. They’re a fantastic kind of dress for ladies of any shape or size and should be avoided if you have a small frame or a body shape that’s short and curvy.

Wear your maxi dress with a T-shirt for a beautiful and comfortable appearance. You can layer your t-shirt over the dress and tie it or wear it beneath the maxi for a business casual look.

Turtleneck top and dress pants

Also known as polo necks, mock necks, or skivvy, turtleneck tops paired with dress pants is an elegant and fashionable outfit for the sophisticated lady. The top should be in a neutral color like black, grey, or navy, while the trousers can be in a bold color or a fun print.

Turtlenecks look great under anything from a dressy blazer to a crewneck sweater. They also can add warmth and versatility to your look. If you plan to layer your turtleneck, consider the fabric’s smoothness and thickness.