• Friday, May 24, 2024
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It’s classy at Chesney


If you are a discerning guest who is looking for a boutique offering amid class and yet affordable, then Chesney Hotel on Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, Lagos, is worth visiting.

The 50-room hotel is one of the modern yet indigenous hotels in Lagos that give international brands a run for their money. As many insiders in the tourism and hospitality industry know, Lagos has some catching up to do when it comes to offering international standard hotel rooms, which- apart from costs incurred from generating their own power -is a major reason for the high prices hotel rooms command.

However, indigenous hotels like Chesney are now plugging the gap. They offer world-class standards for competitive prices, with special Nigerian hospitality. This is why discerning business travellers and corporate guests who are used to global standards have embraced Chesney’s quality and personalised service.

Chesney’s butter-coloured five-storey building is set within trees on the Akin Adesola end of Saka Tinubu. It offers a serene and tranquil setting which encourages cerebral pursuits and helps guests relax while still at the heart of the ever-bustling Victoria Island.

The hotel attributes reflect that of its founder, Ken Obinna, a soft-spoken entrepreneur who started his career in the banking industry.  The hotel allows its substance and quality to speak for it.

The use of technology to enhance costumers’ experience is noteworthy. From the gate, where cars are checked with an inspection mirror, through the revolving doors, to the lounge where separate buttons indicate what particular service you want from the barman, and the ultra-modern elevator, as well as, the air purifiers on every floor, this boutique hotel’s attention to detail is commendable.

For example, the bright yellow board that alerts guests to the depression into the restaurant, or the sign by the staircase which says ‘Please use handrails’.  Another is the prominent telephone directory just above the intercom in the room.

The spacious rooms at Chesney come in nice brown shades, with the touch of deep red. The décor also draw inspiration from different African cultures. On the walls in the passages are pictures and paintings of various heroes, from Martin Luther to Barack Obama and Lionel Messi.

The lampshades by the bed are both aesthetic and functional, with the light switch conveniently placed on the board above the bed.

Other pluses include a wide range of channels, seamless power switch-over, competitive pricing for drinks and super-fast room service. Apparently, Chesney places a lot of importance on quality as well as the speed of delivery of food.

According to Malvin Okorafor, the hotel’s business service manager, Chesney has kept pulling in new guests with food. “Everything here is made fresh,” he insists, despite meals being delivered in no time.

Despite its highbrow setting, Chesney still insists on affordability amid world-class offerings and enviable quality. The management says it is a way of appreciating guests for their patronage.

The a-la-carte menu options include; English or Nigerian breakfast, beef, chicken, seafood and vegetarian, burgers, sandwiches and pizza. Then, there is the special Nigerian menu which includes; Ofada rice, boli (roasted plantain), asaro (yam porridge, beans porridge, Dundu (parboiled fried yam) and the full complement of Nigerian soups (Eforiro, egusi, ogbono, afang, bitter leaf, oha and white soup).

According to Okorafor, most of the hotel’s guests are corporate clients. This is by design; the hotel’s calm setting is ideal for business people. For example, there are no live bands or themed nights and music is low whenever it is played.

Chesney has ultra-modern conferencing facilities for meetings and presentations. This along with the management’s flexibility and personalised service ensure it is rapidly becoming a favourite for discerning corporate guests and individuals with cherish world-class quality in a peaceful environment.