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In Portraits of Emotions, Agu Chibuzo interrogates essence of human existence

In Portraits of Emotions, Agu Chibuzo interrogates essence of human existence

While efforts have been made by man, especially experts in different fields of study to interrogate the essence of human existence, Agu Chibuzo, a contemporary Nigerian artist, is simplifying the understanding through his paintings.

The artist is engaging the public in a solo exhibition titled ‘Portraits of Emotions’. The exhibition, which opened on October 1, 2022 at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, a Ikoyi, Lagos, is featuring 22 works created using oil color on canvas technique.

Some of the work include; Andy Young, Yes I’m Fine Thank You, Desire, Buy Puff Puff, Thoughts and Perception, The Seeker, Music Men, Greg Beard Orange Hat Man with Pipe, Black with Style, Meeting of Two, among others. They are painted on oil color on board, canvas and acrylic, respectfully.

The exhibition will run from October 1-14, 2022 at the Awolowo Road, Ikoyi-based gallery, while presenting opportunity for art lovers and collectors to interact with the visual artist.

Of course, Chibuzo’s works speak volumes of the mastery of his craft.

Speaking on the exhibition, Chibuzo explained that he uses his works to interrogate the essence of human existence and insisting that leaving a lasting legacy for posterity highlights the true value of life.

“The question we should ask is, why do we live and what would we be remembered for after we are gone”, he said.

The artist further explained that passing through the formative years from child to adult is a process that comes with learning for knowledge acquisitions to enable man attain sufficient wisdom to actually make positive impact on the society/world.

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“You don’t just exist. You need to make positive contributions to make the world better.” You have to leave a legacy, make your mark to stand you out from the crowd.”, he said.

Further explaining the technique he used in creating the works

Chibuzo noted that he employed the primary colours of red, blue and yellow to showcase his wisdom, thereby enlightening people on contemporary global issues in politics, economy, culture and technology.

“I use my work to discuss global issues affecting humanity. My message concentrates on trending global issues which affect our country, such as politics, economy, culture and technology.”

The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu Fine Art graduate uses the social media to share his experience and impact young people, and connects people through his works with profound contents.

He appreciates his teachers and mentors such as; Obiora Obi, Chris Asogwa, Okey Ikeagwu, the late Nsikak Essien and Bona Ezeudo.

Apart from arts, Chibuzo runs some business activities. I am a network business developer and also connected to a group called “Century 21st Group Int’l. I want to start writing books because I read a lot and listen to many television/radio programmes.”

The Enugu-based artist has participated in a number of group exhibition, while the current exhibition is his second.

According to him, art means everything because through it, he conveys salient messages to humanity.