• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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How Nigeria’s Neyah brand is redefining fashion industry in Africa

How Nigeria’s Neyah brand is redefining fashion industry in Africa

At the heart of NEYAH is the empowerment of women in their everyday lives to look the part as they break barriers and glass ceilings in their respective professions. The core of NEYAH’s styling is bespoke Afrocentric clothing that is deeply rooted in Nigerian origin and inspired by the versatility of African women.

Founded by Ogo Idam, a fashion entrepreneur and Lawyer, the avant-garde idea was born when she observed that women needed a reliable and trusted bespoke brand to gear up for the corporate world.

NEYAH, founded in 2020 has unveiled its new logo and with it comes its latest Afro-inspired collection – The Gemstone Collection, according to a statement by the brand.

Its latest collection, dubbed by the creative team as – The Gemstone Collection, displays the use of vibrant colours and patterns to create exuberant, Afrocentric yet sophisticated looks fit for women of different ages, body types and styles.

The Gemstone Collection includes a dynamic styling combination of corporate clothing and smart wear that can be rocked in the daytime and switched up for a sultry but elegant night look.

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This is demonstrated in its purchase and production process where NEYAH women provide their measurements, select their preferred design and choose their fabric. Ultimately, Neyah Women championing their styling experience promotes sustainability and fosters their innate creativity.

Consistent with the name of its latest collection, NEYAH also unveiled its new logo that is symbolic of African Women – a collection of colourful gemstones. The significance of this new logo embodies the spirit of the modern African woman – Beautiful, Strong, Unique and Impeccably Valuable.

“I am particularly excited to share this Collection with the world because a lot of thought went into the design of each piece. I enjoy alternative clothing choices and sharing creative options with friends and loved ones, so NEYAH is my way of expressing these custom-made fashionable and quality clothing options with you.

“I love Gemstones they evoke a sense of innate beauty and brilliance that I wanted to capture and translate into my designs, celebrating individual style and sophistication. I wanted this Collection to be a reminder of the intricate beauty and colours of these special stones and an inspiration for NEYAH Women to create their pieces”, Idam stated.

“Ultimately, the NEYAH Experience is unique and personalises; every NEYAH piece is crafted with care and precision, tailored-made specially for you to ensure that it fits your figure perfectly and reflects your style. Any woman who designs her NEYAH piece, to her taste, size and style will be more than confident to not only wear it but pursue her dreams and conquer the world in it”, she added.