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Hansatu Adegbite bows out honourably after 7 years as executive director, WIMBIZ

Hansatu Adegbite bows out honourably after 7 years as executive director, WIMBIZ

After spending seven years as executive director, WIMBIZ, a send forth gathering was organised for Hansatu Adegbite, where friends, family, WIMBIZ members and well-wishers came together to honour her. It was filled with moments of reflection, appreciation and stories of journey so far, which included how hardworking, supportive, daring and result oriented she is. This was echoed by all who spoke about her at the event. In words and pictures, we share the stories of attendees.

Hansatu’s 7 years of service to WIMBIZ as Executive Director has been truly extraordinary. The story of her impact, her commitment and dedication is inspirational. She was sold out on the WIMBIZ vision from the day she attended our first conference in Abuja over 22 years ago. She was determined to become a woman of influence, live a life of impact and commitment to the cause of women in management, business and public service, and she did this with passion, integrity and joy. I wish her well in her future endeavours, and clearly her name will be etched in gold whenever the history of WIMBIZ is being told.

Yewande Zaccheaus

Co-Founder, WIMBIZ

Founder/Chairman, Eventful Nigeria Limited

Hansatu’s people management skills are second to none as demonstrated by her authentic ability to make each individual feel super special, in a way that would inspire them to go the extra 10 miles. This attribute is a key reason for her numerous achievements. In addition, the warmth, kindness, resilience and human centerdness she exudes are beyond description. The appellation ‘Hansy the Great’ is one that is well earned and Hansatu will go forth from her role as ED, WIMBIZ, to soar to even greater heights, and remain a potent ambassador for women by HIS grace.

Bimbola Wright

Board Chairman, Arami Essentials

Non-Executive Director, Ecobank Nigeria

Hansy the Great- The Elasticity of Tenacity!

My first encounter with Hansatu was at the WIMBIZ HQ where I had gone with my colleague to interview some associates as part of an engagement my Firm was handling for IFC. A staff meeting was ongoing and I heard a raised voice, speaking very passionately. I was concerned that there was something wrong, but was soon to learn that Hansatu puts so much passion into everything she does and you can’t but catch and run with the passion.

Hansatu without doubt is very passionate about female empowerment, and lives and breathes the pillars of WIMBIZ. You only need to give her the microphone for a few minutes to find out. A very confident and articulate public speaker, you cannot catch her unprepared if it’s about WIMBIZ or gender related.

To say Hansatu’s tenure has been remarkable is an understatement. Over the last few weeks, I have listened to and read many testimonies of just how amazing she has been. Under her leadership, WIMBIZ has made significant strides towards gender parity, breaking barriers and empowering women to play their role in nation building.

Her capacity for work and delivering results is amazing. In the past two years of working even more closely with her, I have been amazed at her ingenuity and the depth of her networks. Hansatu can squeeze the proverbial water out of stone and she does it so effortlessly. I discovered that she thrives under pressure and is able to deliver at very short notice.

Last year, we conceived the idea of hosting an international conference. All the odds were stacked against a successful outing- the planning for the flagship annual conference was ongoing, attracting sponsorship was tough, stakeholder buy-in- but Hansatu moved like the bulldozer and General that she is, marshaled the troops and we delivered a very successful conference.

Over the last two years, we developed a mutually respectful relationship. I relied on her profound historical knowledge of the organisation and I reckon she trusted my counsel.

Much has been said about Hansatu’s energy, strength, resilience and boldness. But she is also very vulnerable and can get very emotional. She is a very deep person and a leader with exceptional empathy. She knows where every member of the HQ team lives. She looks out for the team and “carries their matter on her head”. She would send me messages when it was someone’s birthday as she knew how excited they would be to receive a call from the BoT chair.

I thank Hansatu most sincerely for the exceptional work she packed into her seven years as Executive Director (the longest serving). On a personal note, I thank her for her support over the past two years, behind and in front of the scene.

That I will miss Hansy is an understatement. I wish her all the very best as she moves on, but I have no doubt that she will remain just a WhatsApp chat away!

Bisi Adeyemi

Chairman, Board of Trustees



It is with great pleasure that I reflect on the time spent working alongside Hansatu Adegbite as an executive and life member at WIMBIZ.

Hansatu has been nothing short of a beacon of dedication and drive, particularly in her commitment to women’s causes. Her approach to work is a rare blend of dogged determination and diplomatic grace, making her not only a remarkable colleague but also an inspiring leader.

I had the privilege of meeting Hansatu as a fellow member of WIMBIZ, and I witnessed her seamless transition into the role of Executive Director, a position in which she truly flourished over the span of seven years. Her growth in this role was a beautiful journey to behold, marked by her innate ability to learn swiftly and adapt effectively.

As Hansatu embarks on a new chapter in her professional journey, I extend my heartfelt wishes for her continued success. I am confident that her name will shine brightly in new arenas, just as it did at WIMBIZ. The essence of WIMBIZ, after all, is the familial bond that unites us all, regardless of where our paths may lead.

Warm regards,

Ronke Onadeko

Non-Executive Director, Tomato Jos & Lonadek Inc.

As Hansatu Adegbite takes her final steps in her role at WIMBIZ, a celebration of her seven years of service is not just a farewell, but recognition of an extraordinary commitment to empowering women and fostering growth. Hansatu’s journey has been marked by dedication, passion, and a steadfast adherence to principles that have inspired many.

Hansatu “The Great” is to many a boss and mentor, but to me, she is a sister and an inspiration. Her commitment is a big inspiration and a personal challenge to me, and I am always thrilled by how far she runs with visions until they come to full fruition.

Beyond her professional achievements, Hansatu’s principles and value system truly sets her apart. Integrity, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact have been the point of attraction for me. She has always led with empathy, understanding the unique challenges faced by women in the corporate world and working tirelessly to address them.

Her integrity is unquestionable, earning her the trust and respect of women across various sectors including myself.

Hansy, I wish you the absolute best and I pray that God opens you up to greater and bigger opportunities, I pray that your light will shine brighter even as you move further into other endeavours.

Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu

MD/CEO, Lifecard Company

I have known Hansatu Adegbite for at least 30 years. She, her sister Zabidatu and I all attended University of Abuja. But of course, it is at WIMBIZ we reconnected and formed an even stronger bond.

I will share a few things I learnt whilst serving on the WIMBIZ committees for many years with ‘Hansy the Great’ as she is now fondly called. It is her resourcefulness, strength of character, tough exterior but equally calm disposition, that never-say-die spirit that just keeps things going regardless of the hurdles.

Truth be told, I also marvelled at her ability to just juggle it all, the sheer quantum of work required to manage multiple projects, varied stakeholders, teams, committees; Hansy did it all and often with a broad smile. Lest I forget, the energy she brings into every meeting, if you were never influenced or infected with Hansy’s energy, then nothing ever will. She just brought action into every room. Hansatu, if I must say, is the true embodiment of feminine POWER! If all women had a Hansy in them, we will all achieve our full potential.

So, I take this opportunity to tell Hansy, WIMBIZ is truly just the beginning of what you can achieve with these qualities you already possess…so, somehow, I am unperturbed… it is crystal clear that as you have sown, so shall you reap!

It is time dear friend to conquer an even bigger universe of possibilities. Go forth and conquer!

Tosin Adefeko

CEO, AT3 Resources

If passion was a person, she would be “Hansy the Great”, as the WIMBIZ family fondly calls her.

Hansatu Adegbite is a formidable, unique, resolute and fiercely driven leader, whose deep dedication to women’s empowerment is evident in everything she does.

The Hansy era in WIMBIZ will be unforgettable – marked by the unique essence of this dogged leader, rallying her troops with a spirit of camaraderie that infected the entire WIMBIZ ecosystem.

An era propelled as it was by a can-do attitude, and people-centered style.

Her legacy will outlive her WIMBIZ tenure, I’m sure of that.

Thank you for being you Hansy.

Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani

Member Board of Trustees, WIMBIZ

Dear Mrs. A,

You embody many roles to me – a leader, a mentor, a friend, and more. Your leadership is exemplary, always striving for the best for our team.

I am grateful for the opportunities you have given me, representing you in numerous partnership programmes, which have greatly influenced my professional growth. Your guidance in fundraising techniques and stakeholder management has been invaluable.

Your empathetic spirit sets you apart from other leaders. You truly care for your team, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. We weren’t just employees to you, we were a cohesive team.

Thank you, Mrs. A (Hansy the Great), for being a continuous source of inspiration. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and may kindness always find its way to you.

I won’t say goodbye because I intend to stay connected.

Nnenna Enekweizu

Partnerships & Fundraising Manager


Passionate, resilient, courageous, hardworking, indefatigable, word-slinger, determined, diligent, no-nonsense, in her words ‘ba na son wawanchi’ all these are some synonyms of the name Hansatu.

Put any project in her hands and she will drive it to 98% perfection, as long as it’s right and she believes in it. I humorously say, if her role in WIMBIZ were to be a volunteer role, she would have given it the same energy even without remuneration.

Hansatu is literally the strongest woman I know dead or alive, even when she’s wounded, she’s still a healer.

A beneficiary of God’s grace, the rose that grew from the broken part of the concrete. She does not know how to trade her authenticity for approval. Push Hansatu off the cliff and she will learn how to fly on her way down- call her rebounding Hansatu.

She has laboured, I wish her God’s best and God’s strength as she enters her season of rest.

Olayinka Adeyinka

Operations Director, HC Services

The HA!!

Hansatu Adegbite!! One of a kind!! Never to be forgotten!!

I’ve not seen anyone embody the word PASSION like she does. She’s been described by many as resilient, energetic, tenacious, unstoppable, bold amongst others. She walks into a room and you can just feel her presence.

You were true and thorough. You taught the team to never do mediocre things but to always aim for the best. You imbibed the spirit of excellence and teamwork. Even when we were tired, you kept pushing us to achieve the most.

I am grateful for the access and opportunities you provided to the team and I, for not joking with our personal development. Thank you for always motivating the team.

Thank you for taking care of the team as your own. Thank you for all the miracles.

My mum would jokingly say in yoruba “Ma fe jo e sun mummy e” meaning “I will report you to your mother” and I would reply “who?” And she would say “Oga e Hansatu” meaning “Your boss Hansatu”.

Thank you for all the professional ‘panel beating!!’

I can say that I am not the same way I am when I joined WIMBIZ.

You are one of the strongest women I know.

Continue to keep pushing on and don’t stop till your name is known.

Your SSA!

Precious O. Majekodunmi

Programs Manager


Hansy The GREAT!!

My dearest Sis Hansatu Adegbite, woman of honour, strength and so much grace. The one who named me ‘Queen of Girls’, my supporter, my encourager, my friend. Sooooo much power within it shows on the outer. A pillar of strength to many and a solution provider to more. Every time Inspiring Woman Series conference is near and I am overwhelmed with so much to do, she is always there to give me that shoulder to lean on. See why you can’t ever be forgotten?

The way you embrace advocacy for gender inclusion and support for women’s empowerment has made profound impact. This has surely paved way for future generations of leaders. Indeed your passion and voice have been instrumental in driving positive change and creating a more inclusive environment.

Thank you for your incredible leadership, dedication and your unwavering commitment to the goals of your office as executive director, WIMBIZ.

You have touched several lives with your guidance, wisdom, and mentorship. The way you navigate challenges with grace, and your genuine care for the well-being of everyone you encounter has earned you my utmost respect.

Diligent woman, exceptional leader and an incredible role model to many, please continue to rise and enjoy all the goodies stored up for you in the next phase of your life.

Thank God, for me, you are just a call away.

On to higher heights… Shine on unstoppable Hansy, it’s up and up from here!

Love Always,

Kemi Ajumobi

Editor, Women’s Hub