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GT Da Guitarman releases EP after a decade away from music

GT Da Guitarman releases EP after a decade away from music

Nigeria’s music landscape thrives on innovation, with artists continually blazing trails in a competitive environment. Among these trailblazers is Gbemiro Tokunbo, better known as GT Da Guitarman, who after a 10-year absence from the music industry returns with an Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Elody’ to cater to the evolving and dynamic music fans.

The soulful singer is set to unveil his latest musical work, an Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Elody’. The EP which features tracks such as ‘Flaws’, ‘Special’, ‘Congratulations’, and more, is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024.

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Delving into the inspiration behind ‘Elody’, GT Da Guitarman said, “I am excited to release an EP titled ‘Elody,’ marking my comeback to the music scene after a decade. Consisting of five tracks, it symbolises my enduring presence and commitment to my craft. This release underscores my pledge to continue creating music, reaffirming my dedication in 2024.”

Discussing mental health awareness in the Nigerian music industry, GT acknowledges that mental health awareness remains sidelined in the industry due to a lack of resources and support.

He said that artists often lack proper guidance to navigate their careers and personal struggles, contributing to a cycle of self-destructive behavior.

“While organizations like the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) are making efforts to assist artists, more needs to be done to combat issues like substance abuse. Education on the dangers of drug abuse is crucial in safeguarding the well-being of artists and fostering a healthier music community,” GT said.

With hits like ‘Dreamer’, ‘Truly’, and ‘I Don’t Wanna’ ft Naeto C, GT’s tunes and expert guitar prowess mesmerised audiences in the early 2000s. His collaboration with General Pype on the remix of ‘Champion’ was one of the stand-out songs during the sophomore era of Afrobeats.

Reflecting on his musical beginnings, GT said, “My musical journey commenced immersed in the nostalgic tunes of Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, and Onyeka Owenu at family gatherings, where I joyfully danced alongside my father. My sister, a choir member, further ignited my passion by harmonising with me, blending treble and alto seamlessly. During my years at Mayflower Secondary School, hymns from the revered Mary Mayflower Hymn Book deepened my musical connection.”

He formed early musical collaborations with childhood friends, to form groups like ‘Pairs of Gloves’ and ‘Tempo and Excel’.

Back in the early 2000s GT was better known for his performance with the guitar, hence his stage name. His prowess on the instrument started at a young age when he encountered a guitarist in his neighborhood sparking the determination to master the instrument.

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Asked about the profitability of his music career, GT reflects, “While financial success is important, my primary focus has always been on creating meaningful art that resonates with listeners. Music has opened doors to diverse opportunities and experiences, enriching my life in ways that transcend monetary gain.”

Expressing his expectations for the EP, GT said, “My expectations for the new EP primarily revolve around showcasing that GT is forever evolving, capable of reinventing himself. I possess abilities beyond my comprehension, delving into deeper layers of myself, and revitalising the GT brand to resonate more with Gen Z.”