• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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From blemish to bloom: How to handle skin insecurities, maintain a healthy one

From blemish to bloom: How to maintain a healthy skin

A woman’s personal battle with acne and skin insecurities blossomed into a beacon of hope for countless Nigerians struggling with skin issues. Brenda Compton’s journey, is a testament to the transformative power of self-care and the ripple effect one individual can have.

Compton, founder, Brenda’s Touch Skincare, shared her experiences and insights in an exclusive interview with BusinessDay, shedding light on how her brand is revolutionizing skincare in Nigeria.

“My skin was my biggest insecurity,” Compton said, recalling her struggle with acne and psoriasis. “I used makeup as a shield, hiding my true self from the world.” It was during her makeup classes that her tutor suggested a pivot towards skincare. “That advice was a game-changer,” she said. Compton embarked on a journey of self-discovery, leading her to develop a skincare routine that transformed her skin and life. “I learned that we are all glow-worthy. It’s about finding what works for you,” she reflected.

Speaking on, Compton noted her venture into the skincare industry was driven by her desire to help others. “I knew I wasn’t alone in this struggle,” she said. “When I saw the impact of my routine, I felt compelled to share it.” Her brand, Brenda’s Touch Skincare, was born out of this passion.

Discussing the challenges of acne-prone skin, Compton emphasised the importance of consistency and understanding one’s skin type. “It’s a journey of patience and learning,” she stated. She also touched on the significant impact of skin issues on self-esteem, sharing her own experiences of how skin insecurities affected her confidence.

One of the most touching moments in her career was witnessing the transformation of a customer who had lost hope. “Her journey was emotional. Seeing her regain confidence was a powerful reminder of the impact quality skincare can have,” Compton shared.

The Nigerian skincare industry, however, is not without its challenges. Compton pointed out the misconceptions about the reliability of skincare brands and the economic hardships affecting product pricing. “We are committed to proving that our brand is about quality and reliability,” she asserted.

Looking ahead, she shared has big dreams for Brenda’s Touch Skincare. “I see us on international beauty shelves, inspiring young individuals through a beauty academy, and making a global impact,” she envisioned.

To those seeking skincare advice, Compton recommends a routine of detoxing, a balanced diet, and a consistent skincare regimen. “Skincare is a daily commitment,” she advised, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting one’s skin.