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Finally, Lola and Peter’s ‘beef’ came to an end

Finally, Lola and Peter’s ‘beef’ came to an end

Lola Johnson and Peter Bankole are colleagues at work. When Lola resumed work, she kicked off on a high note, meeting her targets and easing off stress from her superiors. In less than four years, she had risen to the position of an Assistant Manager. She met Peter who had been on the level of a supervisor and just got promoted to become an Assistant Manager too. Yes, he was happy about the promotion, but he did not like the fact that Lola became an Assistant Manager before him, not to talk of being on the same level with him.

Few of his colleagues were aware of the ‘beef’ but Lola paid no attention to it. For her, it was more about her work and delivery on expected duties. She had no time for hearsay or gossips.

Interestingly, their bosses were not aware. Whenever they were both given tasks, they executed it well and as long as their bosses, (especially their immediate boss they reported to) were concerned, everything was okay.

One day, their immediate boss gave both of them a task and insisted they carried it out together “Lola and Peter, I believe this will be done efficiently because I trust both of you and you have never failed me individually, so I know you won’t fail me collectively. I expect a positive outcome.” He told them and as they were about to leave his office he added “For the meeting with the client, I suggest you go together. When you arrive at work tomorrow, I will suggest you both go in one car. The Prado parked at the car park will be fine. Peter, tell Moshood to fill up the tank of the car today. Cheers!” They left his office and returned to their desks.

The next morning, they came in their separate cars but when it was 11am, Moshood had parked by the entrance. Both of them looked like CEOs. Coincidentally, Lola wore a black suit jacket, white shirt and red high-waist, pleated wide trousers and black shoes while Peter wore a black suit Jacket and trousers with a red tie, red pocket square and red socks. It looked like they planned the match, but they didn’t.

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They both entered the back seat, speaking professionally; they discussed who would say what and how the presentation would go. When they came to an agreement, the conversation ended and they had nothing more to say to each other.

They arrived at the venue 10 minutes early. They got in, made the presentation and delivered excellently. The people they went to meet were so impressed that they sent a message to Lola and Peter’s boss even before they got back to work.

By the time they got back and went into their boss’s office, he was all smiles “Even before you tell me how it went, I have been briefed already. I am so proud of both of you.” He said. They both took their time to explain how it all went and the good news was that they were given the deal. He appreciated them and encouraged them to keep up with their pace of excellent delivery while inspiring others.

They left the office, returned back to their offices and 30 minutes later, there was a mail sent to the entire staff saying there would be an Easter mini party and everyone was encouraged to bring a gift for another person.
The time was 5pm and it was on a Saturday. They all enjoyed seeing themselves in a relaxed atmosphere, the ladies looking beautiful and the men dapper! They chatted, ate, laughed and surely enjoyed each other’s company.

Peter had a gift. Guess who it was for? It was for Lola! Yes! You read that right, his ‘rival’…he thought of a way to give her the gift without causing a scene. He worried she might embarrass him nevertheless, he went ahead. Coincidentally, her friend just left her side. “Uhm, excuse me Ma’am Lola, can I have some minutes?” he asked.

Though amazed, she took a look at him and said “Are you sure I am the one you want to talk too?” she asked sarcastically and he responded “Well, if there is another lady in front of me in the stunning flowery gown and Black Marmont GG Block-Heel Sandals, perhaps I might have been confused but alas, you are the only one standing right in front of me with the description I just gave…I must be calling you and not someone else” he said.

She shook her head, managed to squeeze a simper and went with him. “I see you are quite aware of female items from your description” she teased, and he said “My sister has same…I actually bought it for her. I guess it’s good to pay attention to details, I wouldn’t have swept you off your feet that quickly if I didn’t know with accuracy” he responded wittingly and she said, “Come down your high horse Peter, you only know that much” and they both laughed.

When they got to a place, still at the venue, where he was comfortable with, he asked her to give her 1 minute. He ran to his car, got a box and presented it to her. She opened it and saw a red boxing glove. “Are we having a real ‘fight’ now?” she teased. She didn’t understand what it was for, so she continued “Peter, where is the boxing ring and who is the referee?”. He laughed and said, “There is a zip on the glove, pull it down”. She pulled down the zip and brought out two invites for dinner-for-two at an exotic restaurant. “Now that the question I wanted to ask you is right in front of you, is it a NO or a Yes?” Peter asked, and she said “Yeah right, you want me to say no, so you can quickly grab the boxing glove and punch my face right?” she teased. “Oh No!” He said and disclosed “I was actually prepared for the worst is the reason I put the invites in the glove so that if you feel so upset at my gesture, you can give me a punch” he said to which she responded “You are such a clown Peter.

“Anyway, see you next week Saturday as written on the invites” she retorted. “Please come without the glove, our insurance policy in the office as you know, doesn’t cover punches on the face” he said and they laughed so hard other colleagues wondered what was going on. By this time, Lola had dropped the glove in the bin and kept her own ticket in her purse.

Yes, they went for dinner and after then, they became best of friends at work. No ‘beefs’, no silent fights and they are doing just fine!