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Falade joins authors’ club with two books

Falade joins authors’ club with two books

Tomi Falade, a lifestyle editor with Daily Independent Newspapers, has unveiled two books. The book launch, which was hosted by Gbenga Adeyinka, a comedian, at De Rembrandt Hotel, Alausa, Lagos, recently, saw Falade unveiling her first two books, OLOBUN: Matriarch of Ondo, Mother of Legacy and Dates from Hell.

Falade, an entertainment editor with Nigeria’s Saturday Independent, published by Independent Newspapers Ltd, opened up on her foray into the world of creative writing aside her journalism work, saying, “My love for literature is what led me to journalism, and after over a decade in the media industry, my flair for telling extraordinary stories has not waned. I believe it is time to share another facet of my literary exploits with the world in drama and story form.”

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However, she planned to launch “Dates from Hell” in 2023, but prevailing circumstances at the time made her to move it to 2024.

On realizing that her second book is ready, she decided to launch the two at the same time in an event she tagged ‘a book party’.

“Many people do not realise that literature can be fun; this book party is to show that we can truly have fun with literature,” she said.

Explaining the books, she said that “OLOBUN: Matriarch of Ondo, Mother of Legacy” is a rich drama set in 15th-century Oyo and explores themes of adventure, exile, and the birth of the lasting legacy of the Ondo Kingdom while “Dates from Hell” is a collection of short stories based on true events of people on romantic dates.

Falade’s flair for writing extraordinary stories is evident in her extensive body of work, which includes well over a thousand stories and articles. Her portfolio encompasses a variety of genres, with dozens of published features and investigative stories that reflect her commitment to delivering compelling narratives.

As the Life Editor at Saturday Independent, Falade continues to shape the literary landscape with her editorial expertise and keen storytelling acumen. Her ability to capture the essence of human experiences and translate them into captivating narratives has earned her respect and admiration within and beyond the journalism community.

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“Dates from Hell” will captivate readers with its promise of gripping tales that showcase Falade’s unique storytelling style. OLOBUN is a reconstruction of history reminiscent of the great playwrights of old. With these two literary works, Falade has started a steady ascent that will see her rising to becoming a noteworthy figure in Nigerian literature, one who is capable of leaving an indelible mark with each piece she crafts.