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Countervail Art Gallery unveils Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu’s first solo exhibition

Countervail Art Gallery unveils Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu’s first solo exhibition

The Countervail Art Gallery in collaboration with Vomnetwork is set to unveil its inaugural exhibition tagged, “No Up, No Down, No Side to Side” by Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu.

In what is Agudiegwu’s first solo exhibition, he paints and by extension, dreams as “a response to life: a personal prism”. “No Up, No Down, No Side to Side” is an articulation of Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu’s lifelong experience with imagination and intuitive creativity.

The exhibition opens from December, 9-16, 2023 at Vomnetwork, Silverbird Galleria, Central Business District, Abuja. Agudiegwu has been featured in several publications, including Forme Femine, Riana Raouna, Eclectica Contemporary and Waau Art.

Agudiegwu likens the plasticity of his thought and imagination to the transitional nature of the sky: constantly embodying different shapes and forms. Featuring paintings made on canvas with acrylic and oil pastel, Agudiegwu depicts scenes in vibrant hues and vivid imagery, introducing us to his protagonists.

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“The figures exude ranges of emotions and being, surrounded by foliage, differing countenances and forms, interspersed within a symphony of colours. They are caught mid activity, a stilling of time, a testament to the diversity of the human condition,” Agudiegwu said.

Agwudiegwu, who is a seasoned artist whose introduction to the arts began in childhood, has been able to hone his craft spanning years of practice and discipline, and ardent dedication.

Having displayed in both local and international exhibitions, he is inspired by the intricate intersectionality between man and nature, as well as offering a window into his ever-colourful figurative world of imagination.

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Each piece of this exhibition is a culmination of an intentionally created union of strokes and figures, made to connect the viewer to the art, through Agudiegwu’s mind’s eye.

Within the last three years, Agudiegwu’s work has been shown mostly outside the city of Abuja, where he lives and works. He sees this solo exhibition as an opportunity to connect to the Abuja art community. His work has been collected and featured in group exhibitions outside Nigeria. The exhibition is supported by Flenjor and Signfield.