• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Coronation Group’s gallery to inspire art inclusivity

Coronation Group’s gallery to inspire art inclusivity

Amidst the captivating strokes of creativity and the allure of artistic mastery, a new chapter in the world of culture and accessibility has begun. Coronation Group Limited embarks on its newest venture with an exhibition of enchanting art that seeks to break down barriers and make art a universal language.

Coronation’s objectives for the exhibition, amongst others, were to democratise access to art for all and to encourage art appreciation across all its stakeholders. The event, which took place at the Coronation Art Gallery in the heart of Victoria Island on Thursday, August 17, 2023, provided an immersive experience that resonated with the splendour of art and the embrace of inclusivity.

As attendees stepped into the meticulously designed gallery, they were immediately enveloped in an ambience that whispered tales of artistic brilliance. Each piece seemed to beckon visitors to engage, to immerse themselves in the narratives woven through colours, lines, and forms.

Esteemed figures from diverse backgrounds and walks of life were in attendance, united by a shared passion for art and a common belief in its ability to transcend barriers. From high-profile personalities to budding artists, the gallery’s walls bore witness to an amalgamation of perspectives, stories, and dreams. Akinlolu Akinyele, the Managing Director of Coronation Life Assurance, extended a gracious welcome to the distinguished attendees, and VIP guests.

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Dotun Sulaiman, the visionary behind the private collection on display, shared his thoughts about presenting his masterfully curated artworks to a captivated audience. Sulaiman on highlighting the importance of the evening in fostering cultural appreciation said, “Art has the unique ability to transcend boundaries and connect us all.”

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, the Chair of Coronation group, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, saying that, “This evening celebrates not only art but the spirit of collaboration and unity that art embodies. It’s an honour to witness the convergence of creativity and culture here at the Coronation Art Gallery.”

As the evening unfolded, guests were treated to an experience that seamlessly merged art, culture, and sophistication. The gallery itself became a haven of inspiration, igniting conversations that will undoubtedly shape the artistic landscape in the days to come.

The Coronation art gallery stands not just as a physical space but as a symbol of the profound impact that art can have when it transcends barriers and resonates with the hearts of many. With the strokes of a brush and the click of a camera, a new journey has begun – one that seeks to democratise access to art and kindle the flames of art appreciation in every corner of society.