Boost for creative industry as Lagos opens world-class culture centre today

The Nigerian creative industry has received a huge boost with the opening of John Rendle Centre for Yoruba Culture & History, a world-class cultural facility.

The centre was commissioned today by President Muhammadu Buhari, who left afterwards to commission other projects in Lagos.

Located at Onikan, Lagos, the centre emerged from the restoration of a public swimming pool built in 1928 with updated facilities, amid creating a centerpiece community building with a 1,000 square metre exhibiting gallery that tells the story of Yoruba history and culture.

The centre, an architectural wonder, with the shape of a fractal, rising from the earth, leaning forward and reflecting the progressive nature of the Yorubas, is also part of an urban regeneration project at the heart of Lagos Island.

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Facilities include: space for learning programmes, art installations, live music events, a permanent exhibition, library, training and conference rooms, and a concession block for food, drinks and lounge.

it also offers a regenerated pool and landscape that will restore public recreation in Lagos Island.

According Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Art and Culture, the centre is part of an urban regeneration project at the heart of Lagos Island, which is expected to draw visitors from across the world to explore Yoruba culture and history.