• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Big perfume brands eye Nigerian market as Christian Provenzano & Sospiro debut

Big perfume brands eye Nigerian market as Christian Provenzano & Sospiro debut

The perfume industry in Nigeria has continued to grow with potential, exhibiting a similar trend to the global perfume market, expected to reach USD 52.7 billion by 2025.

Nigeria, with its booming population and increasing purchasing power, is a market ripe for the picking.

This growing population has seen the perfume industry in Nigeria bustle, brimming with countless businesses all vying for the same consumer’s nose.

The market has continued to thrive with big-name brands, local artisans and everything in between. The market has also continued to attract big brands.

The latest addition to the market is the debut of Christian Provenzano & Sospiro in Nigeria.

The Seinde Signature brand recently announced the launch of two world-class niche perfume brands officially to the Nigerian Market.

The two world-class brands by the name Christian Provenzano & Sospiro in close proximity which was launched at a very exclusive event at Kaly Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, are all linked to one of the greatest perfumers in the world by the name Christian Provenzano.

The CP brand is the eponymous brand by the renowned nose and grandmaster scent creator.

It was 1st created a while ago, but now relaunched in 2024. This is the 1st time that the brand would be launched in Africa, Nigeria, and Lagos.

Seinde Signature Ltd is the Nigerian sole distributor of the brand.

There are 11 exquisite products in the range, all of which are to satisfy the olfactory cravings of all perfume lovers & aficionados alike. They all come in exquisite emerald green bottles with bejewelled caps to showcase luxury.

The other brand is Sospiro. All 17 products in the range were created also by the prolific master perfumer, but for Sospiro.

The Sospiro brand is world renowned in the niche world and is especially known for distinctive opulence concerning the ingredients (best of the best available) that are used in their production. And also the exquisite packaging as each is wrapped in suede. The range is inspired by the sophistication and beauty of classical music.

The double pronged launch is slated for both Lagos & Abuja.

Seinde Signature Ltd is Nigeria’s biggest stockist of Niche fragrances. With not less than 40 brands from around the world on our stocklist.

Seinde Signature is owned by Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola, the award winning & renowned perfume collector. The Seinde Signature brand in only three and half years of existence has changed the outlook of perfume merchandising in Nigeria.