• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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A letter to mothers on another Mother’s Day celebration

A letter to mothers on another Mother’s Day celebration

Dear Mothers,

Another opportunity to celebrate you is here again. I celebrate your extraordinary grace and how you bear the sacred mantle of motherhood. From north to south to east and west, from all walks of life and every corner of the earth, your essence transcends precincts.

Despite the speed at which life revolves, you give strength to us and stand as beacons of resilience, traversing the convoluted drapery of day-to-day living with a poise and power that makes us wonder and ask…how does she do it?

Easy for us to wake up and go about our daily routines as we have programmed it, but you, your days are bombarded with whirlwind of never-ending responsibilities, yet, you carry them on your shoulders like they aren’t even heavy.

Whether as a stay-at-home mother, grooming your children with deep rooted love and commitment, or as a working class woman, effortlessly combining motherhood and career, your roles cannot be quantified in mere words. The society is blessed because you are here, serving as great pillars to lean on, guiding generations with your wisdom, patience, and solid support.

The way you rise up to life’s sometimes unpalatable occasion is to be studied. The strength you ooze from within, blazing through every adversity with the light you shine that burns all obstacles, qualifies you for all the accolades you are receiving in celebration of yet another Mother’s Day.

Single mothers, we see you, we salute you. Through the times you have cried in pain because the burden was much, when you juggled responsibilities for two, sometimes at the detriment of your health, or even the temporal muting of your goals to give that child the attention needed. We see you, we acknowledge you, we celebrate you.

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Mothers who serve as caregivers to special needs children, you have a special place in heaven, it takes someone filled with compassion to weave through caring for them like you do. Thank You!

Mothers who “win the bread” and no one knows, we salute you. You know when your husband is low on cash and you swing into action ensuring he doesn’t feel less than a man because of a temporary situation.

Groceries…check! Needed household items…check! Family responsibilities…check! General bills…check!

You slid some cash in his outfit when he didn’t know. He saw it when he needed it most, and he knew he did not put it there. You did. His smile widdens, he says to himself “I made the right choice”. Yes he did. He did because that choice is you.

In those times of lack, you did not disrespect him, you honoured and supported him. We see you, we celebrate you.

Should we talk about the 9 months experience? How you go through labour with so much pain to birth a child? The struggle to get back in shape is another one. The list goes on and on.

Mothers-in-waiting, we see you. Soon, you shall be singing a different song. Time makes everything happen and your time shall come. With those hands you shall carry your own and your years of endless questions of “why me” shall finally be answered.

To those who have stood in as mothers to the motherless, you have wiped the tears off the faces of children you chose to call your own because they are without mothers. With the same hands you used to nurture them shall you receive blessings you would need help to carry. You will be remembered for good.

To all mothers, each of you is a testament to the boundless compassion you wear like a garment. Your multitasking abilities are second to none. You juggle tasks even better than the greatest circus champ that ever lived! You embody love, grace, devotion, selflessness and zeal.

We honour you mothers from all spheres of life and race, for your unwavering dedication, unconditional love, and steadfast spirit. You are the heartbeat of our world, the guiding lights that illuminate the path for us all.

May every day of your life be filled with the warmth and appreciation you so absolutely merit. May your strength continue to inspire us, and may your legacy endure, as a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

From the depth of my heart in awe and profound admiration,

Kemi Ajumobi