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13-year-old joins league of authors with first book; The Price of Pride

13-year-old joins league of authors with first book; The Price of Pride

Precious Esosa Osaro, a 13-year-old writer, has published her first novel titled The Price of Pride.

The teenage writer, who joined the prestigious league of Nigerian authors, was inspired to write the book by her enthusiasm for ethical behaviour.

The new book, The Price of Pride was designed and published in Nigeria by Orasopee Communications Ltd, edited by Chuks Oluigbo, with illustration by Mike Asukwo.

The author tackled issues on ethical behaviour across 10 chapters of the 64-page book, as well as using her plots to teach both parents and children about the negative effects of improper child upbringing.

Considering that it started out with The Proud Girl in Chapter 1 and Happily Ever After in the last chapter, one can say the new book followed the tragedy-comedy sequence, allowing the readers to appreciate how the event finally turned out to be good for all.

The Price of Pride centres on the Ochigbo family and Ada, the only child, who many dislike because of her pride.

Probably because of the wealth of her parents, Ada was proud and disrespectful.

Apart from looking down on others who are not so blessed in her neighbourhood, in her school, she is disliked by many for bringing delicious meals to school, eating without sharing, and insulting those who begged her for food.

She finally walked into trouble when Ifeoma, her supposed friend, and her friends conspired and poisoned her drink at a night outing at a bar.

Unfortunately, she died. But she wrote her parents on her sick bed to ask for their forgiveness as she brought untimely death upon herself by her bad behaviour.

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The author did not dwell much on the negative as she took readers to the place of second chance where the Ochigbo family had twins, a boy and a girl, they named Emeka and Amaka, who were goodly behaved and brought joy to their parents and society.

The happy ending speaks volumes of the precision and thoroughness the young author employed in developing the plots, following sequential order and encouraging easy reading and a better understanding of the book by the readers.

The author, Precious Esosa Osaro, is a student of Hopewell Group of Schools, Lagos and a former student of Molan International School, Lagos.

No doubt, she has paved the way for her future at the young age of 13, starting with her first published book.