• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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10 heist movies you’ll love watching again and again

10 heist movies you’ll love watching again and again

This August 15, get ready to be amazed by ‘Billion Dollar Heist‘, a documentary directed by Daniel Gordon and brought by Universal Pictures. This film uncovers a 2016 heist where hackers siphoned $81 million from Bangladesh Bank, almost escaping with much more, were it not for a typo.

With insights from cyber experts and author Misha Glenny, the film illustrates the growing sophistication of cybercrime. The documentary reveals the gripping saga of the Bangladeshi Central Bank theft and the evolution of cybercrime’s landscape.

While waiting for the heist documentary to be unveiled, you can revisit 10 other amazing heist movies to get more insight on heist, albeit fictional.

The first is ‘Baby Driver‘, where you will meet Baby, a skilled driver who drowns out the world with music. Forced into a heist to protect his girlfriend, he ends up in a police chase. This movie combines action and a captivating soundtrack.

Logan Lucky‘ follows two brothers who plan a racetrack robbery during a busy NASCAR event. They attempted to blend in and evade the police. The film offers a blend of humor, thrills, and a distinctive atmosphere.

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Fast Five‘ (2011) features Vin Diesel and Paul Walker leading a crew in a high-stakes heist involving fast cars and intense action. Part of the Fast & Furious series, the movie delivers thrilling chases and well-executed plans.

The Town” film presents a thief trying to leave behind his criminal past, but he’s lured into one last major robbery. Along the way, he falls in love with a bank manager, leading to tense drama and great performances.

Based on true events, “The Bank Job” is a 2008 film that features a group of thieves planning a bank heist. The film is full of mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists as they navigate politics and execute their plan.

In “Inside Man” (2006), a master criminal deliberately gets caught during a bank heist. A detective tries to unravel the mystery, keeping the audience engaged with clever characters and surprising plot developments.

The ‘Italian Job‘ 2003 showcases a skilled thief and his team attempting to retrieve stolen gold from a former partner. With a modern twist on the classic heist story, the movie offers fast cars, witty dialogues, and an enjoyable adventure.

Heist” (2001) follows a seasoned thief who’s pulled back into the criminal world for one final job. The film blends suspense, action, and unexpected twists to keep viewers engaged.

Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) features a group of suave criminals planning to rob three Las Vegas casinos in a single night. Stylish and fun, the film boasts a fantastic cast and guarantees an entertaining watch.

In ‘Sexy Beasts‘ released in 2000, a retired criminal is coerced into one last heist by a wild former colleague. The film combines intense moments, dark humor, and a portrayal of masculinity in an engaging narrative.

These films promise excitement, humor, and clever storytelling—ideal for fans of heist and action genres.