• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Sidmach, NERDC partner to enhance learning through e-Curriculum portal

As part of its strategic measure geared towards repositioning Nigerian education system to the mainstream of global digital revolution, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited has partnered the National Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) to introduce a new software solution called NERDC e-Curriculum Portal.

The new e-Curriculum portal which was launched recently will signal a new era in Nigeria’s education development, the e-Curriculum solution is a complete teaching and learning tool which makes teaching and learning easier, faster, better, anywhere and anytime. The solution provides an interactive, analytic and collaborative learning environment for teachers and students.

Speaking about the portal, Hassan Alao, managing director, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, disclosed that the e-Curriculum is the curriculum in an electronic and accessible online platform. All of e-Curriculum’s features are browser-based, which allows schools, teachers, students and general public anytime, anywhere access to curriculum-based information depending on the role of the user.

Sidmach Technologies is known for bringing about innovations in service delivery in the educational sector. Sidmach started the e-Registration with WAEC and JAMB. The company is also working with WAEC and JAMB to stamp out impersonation in examinations using biometric technology.

According to him, “We are creating a new culture of learning in Nigeria. I tell you, a teacher in front of 30 students can’t penetrate individual student as much as technology will do.”

Godswill Obioma, executive secretary, NERDC, said the present effort at developing an e-curriculum portal was based on a public private partnership model.

Obioma noted that the initiative was borne out of the fact that when government provides the enabling policy, development in its generic manner could flourish tremendously.

“The objective of this PPP arrangement is to among other things, harness the potentials of the private sector in tackling the challenges of access, education standards and quality, curriculum and teacher development, funding, as well as re-orientation for positive national values.

“It is this belief that yielded the present collaboration with SMIDACH Technologies Nigeria Limited for the development of the e-curriculum for senior secondary education. It is hoped that similar efforts will be invested in the revised nine-year Basic Education Curriculum subsequently,” he said.

The e-Curriculum portal solution makes the curriculum available in electronic format and provides downloadable curricula for schools. It also provides contents to aid teachers in preparing scheme of work and lesson plan, and makes structural contents available to teachers, students.