• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Makes Case for Self-employment


As the debilitating effect of the coronavirus pandemic continues to deepen, Romeo Odey, a globally celebrated multi level marketer and philanthropist, has called on Nigerians to engage in multi level marketing.

Odey who noted that his heart is heavy after a careful study of the just released Q2 NBS unemployment report, said in a release dated August 17, 2020 and signed by himself, that Nigeria’s unemployment mark between 2018 and now, has risen to 27.1%.

“This means about 23 million Nigerians are currently unemployed,” he explained.

We will recall that the National Bureau of Statistics, in its release, said “a rise in unemployment generally means the number of people searching for jobs has increased, which can occur because people previously outside the labour force have decided to join the labour force and are now in search of jobs.”

They further noted that people previously working have lost their jobs and are now in search of jobs.

Odey adds that often, it is a combination of these two.

He noted that the government keeps promising to create millions of jobs but the opposite has been the case, and added that it only goes to show that the government is clueless on what to do about job creation.

The MLM expert said that many people will attribute the recent high rate of joblessness to the retrenchment during the covid 19 period, but questioned if it should be so.

He noted that within the same period of the pandemic, the company he partners with, Norland Industrial Group has given out 100million naira trip incentives to it’s partners, about 120 brand new cars incentives to the tune of 768m naira, 58million naira cash award besides weekly and monthly bonuses; and about 96 million naira house award incentive which does not include the almost 1 billion naira real estate investment launched by Norlanders across the geopolitical zones of Nigeria during the pandemic.

He urged Nigerians to take their future in their hands and create wealth for themselves, noting that with the numbers it goes to prove that Norland is the surest platform for multiple people to win simultaneously.

He added that If one takes into account the numbers of millionaires created within a short time, one will discover that Norland has been committed to flattening the poverty and unemployment curve.

While he reiterated the need to be non hesitant in taking action as well as joining Norland, he said, “with the way the unemployment numbers keep climbing, I hope you don’t wake up one morning and be part of the statistics.”

Meanwhile, Odey is reputed as the highest ranking Independent Business Owner with Norland Industrial Group and one who has invest almost a decade in the growth of network marketing across Africa.

He has also mentored over 100,000 entrepreneurs across Africa where he has raised over 500 first time millionaires and about 150 individuals who now own and drive brand new SUVs, besides people who travel round the world.