• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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OIS strengthens commitment to mould globally competitive students

Commitment to educational excellence for stimulating other communities: The Fiditi story

Olashore International School (OIS) has restated its commitment to raising leaders for Nigeria and preparing her students for the new knowledge economy and a highly competitive world.

Bimbo Olashore, chairman, board of governors, while speaking at a special Forum in London to round up its series of educational road shows, pointed out that the school had increased the investments in its leadership programme and social responsibility activities.

“We place a great deal of emphasis on raising leaders, because leadership will always be the biggest issue facing mankind. The need for great leaders never goes out of fashion.

“We rounded up our educational road show and parent’s interaction this year in London to help Nigerians in the diaspora as well as the international community to appreciate the quality of education from Nigeria and the perfect blend of Nigerian local culture with an international flavour that Olashore School provides in a unique manner,” he said.

Olashore added that the introduction of additional vocational courses is encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. The society has become more competitive in recent times and individuals are required to be more knowledgeable in various aspects of their life.

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It has become important to develop an entrepreneurial spirit even as an employee in order to show independence in carrying out ones duty and also in managing colleagues or team members. In the long run, a well-rounded individual is formed through this process.

Derek Smith, principal of the school, on his part announced the introduction of GL assessment across the school. “This is an internationally recognised series of standardised tests measuring progress, ability, potential and attitudes that will allow the school to fulfil its mission statement commitment to ensuring each child is nurtured to their full potential. It will also help further improve the school’s outstanding results which currently stand at around 95 percent.

“We are also very intentional in our promotion of the Nigerian culture in the school, even with our global outlook. In addition to the elaborate Nigerian Drama that we stage professionally every year, the school also holds OIS Goes Traditional where students are encouraged to explore the different cultures of Nigeria. All public programmes include cultural dance and choirs based on different cultures around Nigeria,” Smith explained.

A number of dignitaries, parents and alumni of the school including Akande and Kayode Adeluola applauded the school’s continued strong value system, outstanding academic performance and its painstaking maintenance culture.

They remarked that Olashore School goes far beyond classroom education. As it has been in all the places the road show circuit has been taken to, most of the guests were also amazed at the standard of infrastructure at the school and surprised that a school like Olashore International School existed in Nigeria.

Olashore international School is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, proven track record and a clear sense of purpose.