• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Marathon or Sprint? Make it Epic!


If 2016 was a race, it sure has taken off! All of the activities both mental and physical that are synonymous with preparing for a race have happened. We are (hopefully) kitted in the right outfit, have stepped up to the start line, prancing around in high spirits and generally in ready mode!

For some races, music is blaring to get everyone excited and revved and just as is expected, the whistle goes off and it begins! Sprint or marathon the race gets underway.

For some of us we are sprinting right along while some of us are pacing ourselves and determined to run the course like a marathon. I’m a runner-walker and familiar with some of the tips and ways of running. Training for a sprint and training for a marathon require different approaches. There are resonating themes for sure such as commitment, putting in the time, knowing the right types of foods, drinks and snacks that release energy but sprints are not marathons.

A sprint is a run at full speed over a short distance and you’ve got to respect the speed. A marathon is a long-distance running race of42.125km and you’ve got to respect the distance!

Whether you choose to run your business, team or career as a sprint or marathon in 2016, ensure it’s worth it. Decide that 2016 is your year of the EPIC!

EPIC is defined as heroic or grand in scale or character. It also means extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope

As a leader you’ve got to believe that the epic is possible in your life, your career, on your team and pretty much anything you decide on this year!

Challenge yourself! The epic doesn’t just happen naturally…..its termed “beyond the usual or ordinary”. Take a bold step and tell yourself “I’m good enough and I can do this”. Prepare, plan and commit to a training plan like the sprinters and marathoners. Even if that seems too way out for you, commit to making the effort

What are your BIG goals, dreams, challenges and feats for 2016? Some of mine include running an International marathon at the end of January & climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

What can jar you out of your comfort zone? Try that this year.

As you strategically work towards positioning yourself to lead better in 2016, don’t forget that the ‘burden’ of leadership demands we not only see ahead in order to lead our people to a desired place but to ensure that we have mentally gotten there ourselves – way ahead of them!

There is always opportunity to increase your bandwidth and capacity to do something and achieve anything.  Take leadership steps both in your personal and professional life and determine for it not to be business as usual in 2016!

What’s your Epic plan?

Ngozi Adebiyi