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Tosin Osunkoya’s footprint on global finance, entrepreneurial innovation

Tosin Osunkoya’s footprint on global finance, entrepreneurial innovation

In the dynamic landscape of global finance and entrepreneurial innovation, one name that stands out as a guiding light is Tosin Osunkoya.

As the Co-Managing Partner of Comercio Partners Limited and the visionary CEO of Comercio Partners Asset Management, Osunkoya’s multifaceted expertise has propelled him to the forefront of wealth creation and market transformation.

With an eye for investment opportunities and an unwavering commitment to nurturing financial growth, he assumed the helm of Comercio Partners Asset Management, orchestrating the flourishing assets and portfolios of Institutional Investors, (Ultra) High-net worth individuals, and Mass Affluent Investors alike.

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Over the last two decades, his mastery of global financial instruments has seamlessly blended with his innate ability to discern and harness lucrative prospects, crafting pathways to prosperity for his portfolio companies and stakeholders.

Osunkoya’s influence radiates beyond the boardroom. A trailblazer in the Nigerian financial realm, he served as the former Deputy Chairman of the Derivatives Workgroup at the Financial Markets Dealers Association (FMDA).

Currently, he champions the role of Chairman for the Investors, Issuers & Intermediaries Engagement/Education Sub-Committee of the FMDQ OTC. His dedication to nurturing the Debt Capital Market underscores his role as a key figure in the evolution of Nigeria’s financial markets.

An entrepreneur with a penchant for igniting innovation, Tosin’s ventures extend far beyond the traditional. As a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he melds his investment acumen with a profound belief in the potential of Africa’s human capital. Initiatives like Enov8 Solutions,

The Bulb Africa, Settl.me, and TradeFi exemplify his commitment to fostering ingenuity, bridging skill gaps, and propelling the continent’s progress.

Underpinning his exceptional achievements is a robust educational foundation. Tosin earned his Executive MBA from the prestigious INSEAD Business School, adding to his accolades as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), a Senior Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), and an Associate Member of the Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria (CPIN). His unquenchable thirst for knowledge is further evidenced by his ongoing pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at the distinguished Edinburg Business School.

Osunkoya’s impact reverberates through his board affiliations, reflecting his extensive reach across diverse industries. His directorial roles in Financial Services, Tech, Sports, and Advertising mirror his dynamic range.

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Notably, he occupies a pivotal seat on the board of FiberOne, a premier Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband provider in Nigeria. Beyond the corporate realm, he serves as a beacon of educational reform as an ambassador of Teach for Nigeria, tirelessly striving to elevate the quality of education nationwide.

Amidst his achievements, Tosin remains a devoted football aficionado and promoter, underscoring his holistic approach to life and his indomitable spirit in driving positive change.

Osunkoya’s narrative is one of transformation, innovation, and unwavering commitment to progress. With every endeavour, he continues to illuminate new pathways, inspiring others to forge their own journeys of excellence.