• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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NECA’s women network trains teenagers on entrepreneurship


 Women’s network under the Nigeria’s Employers Consultative Association (NECA) mid-week held its first entrepreneurship training programme for teenagers in Lagos.

The network called NECA Network of Entrepreneurship Women (NNEW) intends to raise teenagers who will develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills very early in life, leading to their starting up and running micro or small businesses in their teenage years.

The teenagers were taught how to discover themselves, create wealth, become creative, make right decisions and leadership principles, they were also taught financial intelligence and business management principles and given health and wellness tips

It was a practical, interactive and exciting learning experience for the youngsters at this training facilitated by some NNEW members who are professional and experienced entrepreneurship trainers and educators.

The network plans to run the workshop at least twice a year and looks to well-meaning Nigerians and public-spirited individuals for sponsorship, so as to impact on as many youngsters as possible.

Established under the aegis of NECA in 2005, NNEW aims at promoting entrepreneurship among women and has also started the principles of catching them young by imparting entrepreneurial skills in teens.