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‘My success secrets in business are right attitude, patience and being passionate’


Chioma Ogbechie Success holds a Masters degree in Petroleum Geosciences. But for want of a job to make ends meet, she found herself in Nigeria’s bourgeoning real estate network marketing. Today, she is being celebrated as Sales Champion of a renowned industry leader, Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group). In this interview with Ngozi Okpalakunne, she spoke about the secret of her success, among others. Excerpts:

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Chioma Ogbechie Success. I am a native of Aniocha North local government, Delta State, Nigeria. I hold a Masters degree (MSc) in Petroleum Geosciences, but I partner with Property Work Africa Network (PWAN Group), a foremost player in real estate network marketing space,

You are a real estate marketing champion. How does it feel to be a celebrity in real estate sector?

I feel super excited; I have been looking forward to this and I’m thankful to PWAN for giving me the opportunity. If PWAN didn’t give me support this would not have come through. So, I’m very excited and I’m trusting that this is just the beginning.

Could you let us in on how you came into real estate marketing?

Actually, I had an inspiration from the Holy Spirit to join real estate and I chose to join PWAN training programme in year 2018. Though l didn’t take it seriously then, after I was short-listed to participate in EXXON Mobile Oil Company’s written test, I couldn’t write the exam because I had Second Class Lower in my first degree. I was inspired to take the opening at PWAN seriously. Hence, I decided to apply the marketing strategies which I learned during the training, Two months after, I got my first sales worth N4.5 million, and made N800,000 profit. But then I went back to oil and gas and did my internship with Adams Petroleum. I got retained in the oil company, I worked there for eight months; but still did real estate as my side hustle. Of course, I made sales but not mega sales until I took the bold step to resign from the oil company to face real estate full time. When I did, I had accommodation challenges but was not discouraged. I knew that real estate marketing has empowered other people’s lives. I was also passionate about it; so I decided to keep doing it. By God’s grace, I made another N800,000. That also took care of my accommodation issues. That breakthrough inspired me to attend the School of Sales (SOS) organised by Dr. Julius at Landmark Building, Ajah.

I enrolled for another training, not minding that it was very expensive; I realised that I can leverage on further training to achieve my dream. In January, I pulled almost N60 million sales in PWAN Plus, within a space of one week. My commission was about N800,000.

How do you rate PWAN training programme and in what way does it prepare beneficiaries to make exploits?

Basically, it’s about product knowledge and sales strategy. Dr. Julius taught us strategies that Coca-Cola use, which is basically a case study of how one can put a name on the product, how to create relationship with clients and maintain the relationship. The key thing is indeed knowing the product you want to sell, to understand that you are selling value and at the same time solving a problem to make money. It’s as simple as identifying the need of clients, going ahead to solve their problems and making money in the process.

What would you say makes other people in property marketing not as lucky as you have been?

There are challenges in this business. But consistency, hard work and diligence helped me. Most of the times, I come out, make sure I don’t just sit in the house or make just general post; I make sure I come out to the field even if there is no client. Because people have been watching me, some people encourage me. I come out to make my personal videos even in heavy rain. There was a deal I closed last year November; it was through someone on Facebook who told me that he had been watching me and that he wanted to buy from me. Many who bought land from me do not know me, they have not seen me physically and they have not seen the land yet, they will buy from me based on trust and the fact that they have been seeing my activities. They have seen that I’m genuine and passionate. I guided them, most of the time, I developed that relationship with them, I guided them on what they should get. Because of the series of training I attended I’ve been able to expose myself to titles and how to advise clients on what will help them. That way, I am able to solve their problems and put a smile on their faces. So, that’s the key.

Why aren’t some people doing well? What are they not doing right?

Some people get easily discouraged; they limit themselves. Those who excel in real estate marketing must put in the right attitude. It requires patience, belief in the product and ardent networking skills; in the sense that one must be able to relate with people, beyond what they are buying. Some consultants also do not care about the company; they don’t bother to develop relationship with the company. It’s a two-way thing; because they are the middle men between the clients and the company. Put in the right attitude and continue to stay positive no matter what happens. That’s what helped me. And of course, God is the principal factor.

What advice do you have for those who are aspiring to do network property marketing?

My advice for consults out there is that they should stay true to the business, be passionate about it and be patient because that just the right attitude to it. Be diligent and consistent.

Are you saying that you are permanently turning your back on oil and gas for real estate?

For me, this is a life time opportunity; it’s a lifetime business for me. I’m building myself as a brand because I have website and I’m bold enough to say I’m a partner with PWAN for life. Even if I’m in Chevron, I’ll make sure everyone is involved in real estate.

How much of your sales come from your social media activities?

I love making videos. So, I place my advert on Instagram and Facebook. I’m well known on Facebook; and I advertise on status with WhatsApp. I also take time to share flyers and I have branded shirts. Apart from making use of the tools made available by the company, I do my personal advert by customising my own complimentary card and flyers.

One would think that those bumper sales came from your contacts in oil and gas companies. Am I correct?

Not so correct. My major clients are people who watch me on social media; and one on one contact with mostly strangers.

Where do you hope to be in the next five years?

I’m building myself into a unique brand; I am building a team called ‘The Billionaires’ Team’. I have about 80 members now; and I am looking forward to owning an affiliate. Also, people in the Diaspora have interest in acquiring properties back home but some of them have fears and some have concerns. I’m looking forward to bringing those Nigerians living in the Diaspora to a situation where they will have the boldness to invest more in real estate in Nigeria. Once we are able to break that fear and they see that we develop our properties, keep to our rules and meet their expectations, they will boldly invest in real estate. That’s my target. Also, I want to build a strong network and work in the vision that PWAN has created which is to empower life. That’s what makes PWAN stands out. The firm is big on changing lives; big on empowering lives and all that we are giving out is value. I have seen people who did not believe in themselves start to believe in themselves, and I’ve seen the business transform a lot of lives.