• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Microsoft offers streamlined experience with Dynamics CRM Online


Technology has transformed the way we sell today.  On the one hand, it has made selling more difficult because customers can often get most of the information they think they need online and tend to make buying decisions based on what they find.

To respond effectively to these better informed and more demanding buyers, sales organizations and sales professionals need to change.  They need to embrace social media to take advantage of relationships, and use technology to quickly respond to buyers.  This poses a great challenge for SMEs that cannot afford costly CRM solutions. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help SMEs use technology to close more deals with less effort.  With Dynamics CRM online, your organization does not have to incur huge hardware cost. You can have the Dynamics CRM Sales, Marketing and Services available for you on demand. You can also extend the capability to fit your other business requirements.

Sell Effectively

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the breadth of sales capabilities to empower you to sell effectively.  Salespeople would have easy-to-use tools that provide content relevant to where they are in the sales cycle.  Dynamics CRM online also help sales managers focus on the right information by providing powerful dashboards with real-time visualizations

•Planning & management: Enable sales managers to maintain a strategic focus while driving the business forward.

•Account & opportunity management: Deliver solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use, so sales reps have more time to spend with customers. 

•Social & market insights: Provide sales reps with deep and valuable insights.

•Collaborative selling:  Boost your sales rep’s selling power, by providing access to experts and information across the organization.

•Mobile sales: Enable sales reps to work how they want, anywhere, anytime.

•Sales analytics:  Turn data into actionable insights. 

Work as a team

Win faster by working as a team to create compelling and differentiated customer interactions, and ultimately sell more.  Microsoft provides a streamlined experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and its interoperability with Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook, Lync, Skype, SharePoint and Office) and Yammer.  Salespeople can go to one place for all of their tasks from viewing sales leads, researching companies, finding social connections, communicating with prospects, reviewing sales insights, and creating sales proposals.

Turn social insight into sales

Your customers are using social networks to learn about you and your products.  Shouldn’t you also use them to gain social insights about your customers?  You may learn that a prospect is dissatisfied with a competitor’s product or you may learn that they are dissatisfied with yours. You may learn that your customer has recommended your services to a contact and get a new lead.  With social network data from LinkedIn and Twitter integrated right into the CRM system, it becomes a natural part of the sales process.  Dynamics CRM Online delivers the latest market buzz and news along with corporate data so that you are always up to date on your customer’s activities.

Market Smarter

Great marketing starts with good planning.  But with increasing complexity in marketing experiences, planning is not a straightforward task.  Dynamics CRM Online helps to deliver a single marketing cloud for marketing organizations across marketing planning, execution and analytics – across all channels- whether they are digital, social or traditional – like print and broadcast hence be able to achieve:

Unified Marketing Planning ensures marketers work from the same plan, reducing customer experience fragmentation and increasing marketer productivity.

Quality sales leads aligns sales and marketing, giving visibility into the sales pipeline, helping generate more leads and increase conversion rates and revenue.

Immersive Customer Experiences connect immersive apps to campaign strategy for better visibility and improved conversation rates and revenue.

Multi-channel engagement improves the customer experience throughout the customer journey. Marketing Analytics Uncovers new insights and identifies patterns to predict opportunities

Care Everywhere

Care Everywhere is our vision of how Customer Service has to evolve to help organizations deliver truly amazing customer experiences.  We believe that by delivering Care Everywhere you can truly transform the customer experience.  Every time companies serve a customer, they are being given an opportunity to strengthen their brand’s reputation.  Having the tools to deliver on customer expectations allows companies to be more effective and achieve customer loyalty and advocacy.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your opportunity to differentiate your business.

Olatomiwa Williams is the Microsoft Business Solution Lead for Microsoft Nigeria and she oversees Microsoft Dynamics Business, both CRM and ERP solutions. She has been with Microsoft for over 4 years and has served in multiple roles including Technology Solution Professional for Microsoft’s Enterprise Voice covering different segments and industries across West East and Central Africa, Account Technology Strategist for Telco, Oil $ Gas and Financial Services.

Ola brings a wealth of years of industry experience and technical expertise to help organizations meet and exceed their business objectives. Ola is passionate about helping businesses to leverage Microsoft Business Solution and technology to drive efficiency, agility and productivity that result in business growth and profitability. She also provides strong support and enablement to partners to deliver business value across industry verticals.

Olatomiwa Williams