Meet Miracle Onuoha, entrepreneur creating lasting hospitality experience

As an introvert and more of a stay-home kind of person, Miracle Onuoha loves his home to be comfortable in every sense of comfort but sourcing these products and making them to his taste was quite difficult.

As a lover of good sleep linen and beddings in general, back in the university, his hostel space was the envy of all. Onuoha has since extended this love for comfort and luxury to various homes, providing products that align with his clients’ tastes and personalities.

Miracle Onuoha is the chief executive officer and creative lead at Fluidé Home, a hospitality and home goods store that specialises in curating and supplying superior and functional beddings, baths, fragrances, and everyday home essentials to its clients.

Onuoha who doubles as a PR consultant says that with Fluidé, he is selling sleep, comfort, intentionality, and good living, and as a PR consultant; he is always out looking for new ways to advertise, tell the brand’s story and reinvent the brand to stay on top of trends while giving his clients value for their time and money across the board.

He recalls that after NYSC in 2017, setting up my new home and sourcing beddings that suited his taste was quite difficult. In 2019 after his first trip outside Nigeria and staying in a luxury hotel, Onuoha swore to replicate the level of comfort he had sleeping on that bed.

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“At the time, it was a project for self and bettering my space. I did my due diligence and went out to source my beddings myself. When I was done with my setup, I loved it and it ended there. It wasn’t until my best friend was also setting up his space that I consulted and offered to do up his beddings. After seeing how I could also translate my vision and him raving about how he loved them, then I picked interest to go commercial with it,” he says while hinting at how the brand started.

Despite his love for his line of business, it has not been a bed of roses for the 28-year-old entrepreneur, especially building a brand from scratch in a country where government policies are not really in favour of entrepreneurs.

Onuoha says “it is hard work but when passion meets hard work, you become unstoppable.”

Having operated for two years, he says there is no stopping for Fluidé and the brand is still trying everything to figure out what works for it.

“We are two years old this May and we are still finding our voice. We are also relentless in doing research and always on the lookout to learn new things because that is where the magic happens.

“By doing research at every point we find ourselves we come up with new ways to advertise, tell our story and package our offerings better to our clients,” he explains.

Despite these challenges, the young entrepreneur has some success stories quite commendable for a two-year-old business.

“We have recorded a very good reception. Our first month in business ushered us into real success. We have had the honour to supply our beddings to big names like Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa, Lola OJ, Mercy Johnson, Anna Ebiere, Carolyn Hutchings and so many others who have come to love our products and remained loyal and returning clients and friends to the brand over the years.

He says all these successes have placed Fluidé in front and as a force in the beddings and bath industry.

For many young entrepreneurs looking to build a sustainable brand, Onuoha says believing in God and yourself and never giving up are key to success.

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