• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Meet Ebime Seiya, a creative beauty entrepreneur

Ebime Seiya is the chief executive officer of Glowglam Empire – a Nigerian brand promoting healthy skin and products to treat hyperpigmentation and acne.

Seiya was inspired to establish Glowglam Empire by her love for entrepreneurship and her mum’s persuasion to acquire a handiwork.

She started her business in December 2018, after her first session at Edo University, as she loaned N200,000 from her mum and friends to kick-start the business.

Speaking on how she grew her business, she says social media and referrals played a role in the growth of her business.

“When I started, I was selling just to family, friends and girls in school,” she says.

“But I realized a bigger market via social media, especially Instagram and WhatsApp, which helped me reach that audience.”

Since its inception, the business has served over 1, 000 women worldwide. “Our products range has increased from five to over twenty, from selling to just close relatives and college mates to almost all the states in Nigeria and beyond Africa,” she says.

Glowglam Empire has clients based in the USA, UK, Italy, Finland and others. “Our distribution network has expanded to include several sales agents in Liberia, Cameroon, the United States, and seven states in Nigeria,” Seiya says.

She states that most of her raw materials are sourced and produced locally.

Responding to why she picked this line of business, she says it is profitable and necessary, as people always want to look good and feel confident in their skin.

“As most of our raw materials are sourced locally, I cannot deny the impact of FX scarcity on the business.” Sometimes we just bear the burden and review prices from time to time,” she notes.

Speaking on the major challenges that confronted the business, Seiya says unstable policies by the government, logistics issues and funds for expansion hinder the business.

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“To be an entrepreneur in business for almost four years requires one to strategize to tackle challenges constantly,” Seiya says.

She plans on having an improved automated service system, self-development, and getting a physical outlet for clients.

“I plan to make a one-stop beauty outlet serving every beauty need you can think about in terms of products and services,” she says.

“I also plan on expanding my products globally, establishing outlets.”

Glowglam has a director in charge of branding and marketing, a logistics officer, two production assistants, and contract workers.

During our anniversary, we give monetary support to small business owners.

“I believe I will be in this business for long because the business has grown beyond me,” she says.

“However, I will try new things, like trading forex, which I just started doing. I have numerous business ideas that will be unveiled in time.”

On her advice to other entrepreneurs, she says, “learn a skill set either as a side hustle or full-time business.”

“Be open to new opportunities and take personal and mindset development very important,” she says.