• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Meet Benjamin Aduroja, startup providing smart financial advice

Meet Benjamin Aduroja, startup providing smart financial advice

If there’s anything Benjamin Aduroja detests, it is seeing people lose hard earned money to scams or wrong financial decisions.

He believes with the right knowledge, money can be put to better use for anyone in possession of it. Today, his quest to see people better manage funds has paved way for him playing as a financial advisor.

Aduroja is currently the chief enabling officer of Cutting Edge Partners, a business committed to providing organisations with the highest quality financial advisory services.

As an advisor, the young entrepreneur derives pleasure in helping growth-minded individuals to chart their wealth course and to achieve their financial goals.

According to him, since kick-starting the business in 2017, Cutting Edge has had the privilege of working with loads of individuals, families and organizations to attain their financial goals.

He was inspired to establish his business by the dependability and reliability people found in him.

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“Since I was a little boy, people always entrusted me with their money because they naturally find me dependable and reliable,” he says.

“And I have also worked very hard not to betray that trust. So, it was clearly obvious to me that my place of grace was in the finance space,” he notes.

Speaking on some of the services offered by his organisation, he explains that despite the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times of today’s reality, growth minded individuals are covered by Cutting Edge through its unique financial advisor model.

The young entrepreneur who serves as accountability partner, finance coach, and advisor says getting paying clients has been a major hurdle for his business, especially during its early stages.

“In this part of the world, people believe more in physical products than in services, especially when it has to do with managing their finances,” he explains.

“To overcome this, we did a lot of work for free, and had to do educational marketing. Today, we have paying clients in Nigeria, UK and the US,” he says.

“Of course, we are not resting on our oars; we keep working very hard to develop our capacity, marketing reach and service delivery,” he further says.

On his thought, in the face of looming loss of hard earned money by Nigerians, he notes that the challenge with most people is that they invest based on emotions and social proof.

“People shouldn’t get carried away by tales of those who are already making a killing in any investment scheme. They should sort the services of financial advisors before making investment decisions,” he advises.

“I understand that a lot of households are struggling to make ends meet. Inflation is accelerating and it is not helping matters.”

“Anyone struggling financially to cultivate financial management skills,” he states.

He encourages individuals to be prudent in managing their finances while building capacity to create wealth.

“I discovered by way of thorough research and studies that wealth is not out there, it is within. It is what is inside of you that you will attract.”

“If you have a poor mindset, no matter how much you hustle, you will still struggle financially. So, if you desire to attract millions of naira, you need to develop a wealth consciousness,” he says.