• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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How Yeni provides support to businesses expanding into Africa

How Yeni provides support to businesses expanding into Africa

Yeni Fowotade, a principal consultant at africon GmbH, is making a significant impact in the international business landscape by leveraging her expertise in market intelligence and strategic alliances to drive success for companies targeting Africa and other emerging markets.

Yeni shared insights on how she began her career and driving positive change. She noted that her career began at Accenture, where she was part of a project team tasked with providing assistance to clients expanding into the African market.

“It was both intriguing and challenging,” Fowotade recalled. “Entering these markets fascinated me, and I began to seek out similar opportunities.”

This initial spark ignited a passion for helping businesses overcome the unique challenges of emerging markets, leading her to Africon GmbH, where she could make a significant impact.

In her role, Yeni has tackled some of the most pressing issues in international business, such as unreliable data, difficulties in finding partners, and a lack of crucial contacts. Her approach is rooted in deep market intelligence and a thorough understanding of local consumer behavior and cultural nuances.

“International trade must focus on understanding local markets deeply,” she explained. “Forming strategic local partnerships and joint ventures is crucial for market insights and distribution.”

Yeni’s achievements in the industry are substantial. She has provided clients with reliable and actionable data, helping them prioritize focus markets and formulate winning entry strategies.

Her expertise in matching clients with credible sales and service partners in various markets has been instrumental in their success.

“I believe in the power of strategic alliances,” she said. “By connecting businesses with the right partners, we can access tremendous growth opportunities.”

One of her notable successes includes guiding companies through the process of identifying and attracting initial customers in new markets.