How Adeniji built his business from roadside apprenticeship

Adeniji Olumide is the founder of AOJ Electricals, a startup that provides engineering services in Lagos – Nigeria’s commercial centre.

Adeniji developed an interest in electronics at a young age and was determined to find a way to pursue his passion.

The young entrepreneur was privileged to have an uncle who owns a roadside electrical workshop with lots of apprentices.

He began his career at his uncle’s business where he learned everything he needed to know about electrical installations.

“Some years back, I was privileged to have an uncle who owns a medium size electrical company with a lot of apprentices and in the course of following him to work daily it ignited my interest and I was able to understand basic electrical installations,” he says.

After gaining some experience and graduating as an apprentice, Adeniji went to the university to study Electrical Engineering.

After graduating from higher institution and working in some top reputable engineering firms to gain hands-on experience, the young entrepreneur went into the business himself.

“I recall when higher institutions were closed down for almost a year. I seized that opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge in electrical at NEPA now (IKEDC) and RAMCON (M & E),” he recalls.

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The entrepreneur looking back says he was glad to have been exposed to interpreting electrical drawings; use of auto card application; preparing bills of quantities and many more.

He says he’s working experience in different organizations in the electrical departments gave him the right exposure and values to set up the AOJ brand.

He further deepens his knowledge of administration by attending the prestigious Lagos Business School (LBS).

On what gives him fulfillment while at work, he says “For me, money is good but what gives me fulfillment is seeing the joy and satisfaction my clients get from our services and the peace of mind.”

“It is uplifting helping a fellow human being to solve his or her problem. That is what keeps me going; that is what motivates me; that is what gives me fulfillment.”

Adeniji describes that AOJ doesn’t just provide services to clients but also adds value to them consistently.

“From the inception of building AOJ as a brand, we were clear with the market we want to serve,” he states.

Describing values that have helped him succeed today, Adeniji said it is clarity of vision and passion, “once you have this, you can pull through any storm.”

He adds that his desire to succeed against all odds kept him going and eventually paid off over time.

“I can further attribute our brand success to working with champions that understand the AOJ vision and work tirelessly to keep creating consistent value for all our market.”

On his advice to other entrepreneurs, Adeniji says “keep at your dreams and never allow their background to keep them on the ground.”

“Remember, no shortcut to success, hard work will always pay off. Do not jump up, but grow up. Never try to show off but build a system that works,” he advises.

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