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Bello: Entrepreneur making a difference in marketing

Bello: Entrepreneur making a difference in marketing

It is an unarguable fact that when a man garners knowledge and experiences over time having shown dexterity with recorded success in his endeavours, such an individual becomes a force to reckon with. This is the case with Ayotunde Bello.

Bello is the co-founder and creative director at Ninth Media – a marketing and advertising firm operating in Lagos state.

At 16, his passion for entertaining others led him on a journey that culminated in the establishment of Ninth Media.

Bello’s path to becoming a creative director began during his high school days. Known as the class clown and talkative student, he constantly found himself in trouble for his witty remarks that would have the entire class in stitches.

Encouraged by his classmates, he ventured into the world of content creation, starting with the popular “Vine videos” on Instagram.

“My decision to study a course in line with my passion made all the difference,” he said.

In my first three years studying Mass Communication, I had learnt how to use cameras excellently, edit videos, write scripts and even created a show called The Bello Show/ Frank&Bello and made a short film called Mordi,” he said.

After pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at Covenant University, Bello’s passion for filmmaking and television production intensified.

It was during his final year that he met Oluwatimilehin Omirin, a like-minded individual with a shared vision. Bello and his creative partner, Seun Frank recognised the synergy and set out to collaborate with Timi on realising the vision of Ninth Media.

“We registered the company and immediately started an aggressive campaign for NinthMedia on our various social media platforms which led us to landing our first big company projects from clients,” he said.

March 2020 marked the birth of Ninth Media, with a startup capital of N2 million. The funds were sourced from savings accumulated through prior work experiences, allowing Bello and his team to invest in equipment and advertising campaigns to promote their new venture.

Currently employing four permanent staff members, Ninth Media hires additional talent on a project basis, adapting to the demands of each endeavour.

Challenges arose in the form of earning clients’ trust and securing high-paying projects, but Bello’s commitment to quality and perseverance eventually paid off.

To deal with the challenges, Bello built a team of innovative individuals while drawing inspiration from creative films and videos.

Quality control is also a top priority, as he seeks input and critiques from team members to refine their work.

“The key to delivering high-quality work to clients is by implementing a system of quality control within the team. By involving others in the process and seeking their critiques and corrections, the best possible outcome can be achieved,” he said.

“I prioritise working with highly skilled individuals and avoid collaborating with anyone who does not excel in their field.”

One project that stands out as a significant milestone for Bello is his first short film, “Mordi.” Filmed while he was still an undergraduate, the project showcased his dedication and talent, thus leading to numerous opportunities in the industry.

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The film’s success propelled Bello’s career and served as a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion.

“That particular project built up my name in many ways. It was through it I got so many filming opportunities after school. It was my first short film and it was very intimate for me, I poured my heart and soul into the filming and editing of the project. It was very stressful but worth it,” he said.

Bello has participated in directing Twice as Tall – the fifth studio album by Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

“My experience working on Twice as Tall documentary was surreal; I had just turned 22 years. I was really happy it was happening for me at such a young age,” he said.

“I approached it very consciously because I knew the whole world was watching, I gave it my all and tried to make the project results as perfect and spotless as possible. A lot of work was done by me and the Ninth Media team in post-production & editing, it just had to good.”

As a young entrepreneur, he advises aspiring business owners to remain patient, invest in their skills, aggressively promote themselves, and be unafraid of rejection.