• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Becky Jona: Social media strategist providing digital content for businesses

Becky Jona: Social media strategist providing digital content for businesses

Becky Jona, the founder of Thebeckyjoe Media Limited undoubtedly stands out as a voice in today’s digital communication sphere. Like numerous others, she faced her fair share of challenges in the past while seeking a suitable career path.

However, little did she realise that destiny had reserved a special place for her within the realms of digital communications and marketing in the country.

Inspired by the strong desire and passion for helping individuals and brands, especially, small businesses enhance their digital presence he established Thebeckyjoe Media in June 2020.

“The desire to empower others and share my knowledge was the driving force behind establishing Thebeckyjoe Media,” Becky says.

“After being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw a profound need to help brands enhance their digital presence,” she explains.

According to her, the vision combined with her personal experiences and social media and marketing skills motivated her to establish an agency that helps brands navigate the digital landscape.

She started the business with zero capital using her dad’s cracked-screen Infinix Hot6 phone. “The key was using what I had available without waiting for perfect conditions and startup capital. This resourcefulness kick-started what is now Thebeckyjoe Media,” she says.

Since starting, the business has grown steadily and expanded its client base with over 163 brands on board globally and achieving a 90 percent retention rate as well as being recognized for its innovative digital marketing solutions. The business currently has 15 full-time employees.

She says Thebeckyjoe’s tailored approach to individual clients, its commitment to exceeding their expectations and its creativity make it stand out from other businesses amplifying the voice of companies.

“Our services are deeply influenced by GenZ passion and innovation making our campaigns fresh, dynamic, and aligned with current digital trends.”

Becky states that the business plans to extend its digital service across the African continent in the short run and globally in the long run.

Also, she says, the business plans to increase its visibility and continuously innovate with its digital storytelling. “We also plan to create more employment opportunities for young professionals in the industry.”

On how the business is surging the accelerating inflation in the country, she says Thebeckyjoe Media prioritises strategic financial planning and budget management to drive down its operation costs.

“We’ve optimised our operations and embraced remote work to reduce overhead costs. We also focus on maximising digital tools to enhance efficiency and client outcomes,” she says.

In evaluating the country’s media and digital landscape, Becky says it is full of opportunities, especially in advertising and content marketing.

“Nigeria’s media industry and digital landscape are burgeoning with potential, particularly in areas like digital advertising and content marketing, presenting numerous opportunities for growth in content creation, influencer collaborations, and tailored marketing strategy that speaks directly to the diverse Nigerian audience,” she explains.

“The rising internet penetration and a growing young, tech-savvy population make this a ripe area for innovative digital solutions,” the young entrepreneur adds.

She notes that finding the right talent for the business is the major hurdle confronting it in its early stage.

“We’ve encountered several challenges, including finding skilled talent that aligns with our creative and strategic vision, scaling operations, maintaining reliable internet connectivity and dealing with inconsistent electricity supply.”

In dealing with it, the young entrepreneur notes that the business conducted webinars to educate potential hires on social media management to ensure they understand their role before joining the team.

“For operational challenges like the internet and electricity, we’ve adapted by implementing flexible, remote working conditions to ensure continuity and efficiency,” she says.

On her advice to other entrepreneurs, she says “Stay committed to your vision. Deeply understand your target market and continuously refine your offerings based on feedback.”

“Focus on telling your unique story engagingly and effectively, and never underestimate the power of networking and collaborations,” she advises.