• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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‘As event planners, we deliver value beyond clients’ expectations’


Pleasant Jay Events, started June 2010, is an event consultancy company focused on delivering qualitative event planning/management and catering services. Through dedication and consistency we have introduced stimulating mix of quality with delivery, which has earned us catalogue of excellence. At Pleasant Jay Events, we understand that every event is distinctive which is why we place more value on creativity.

So, our crew of professionals is readily available to help our clients create and achieve their desired events without any hassle. We are into planning, co-ordination and consulting. We also serve Nigerian and continental dishes for weddings, birthday parties, corporate lunch, new product promotions, training, conferences and seminars. We exist to attract and maintain old and new clients by delivering value beyond their expectations

Target clients

Our target clients are small and medium enterprises and multinational companies, prospective wedding couples, individual clients.


Penetrating the Nigerian market is a challenge, because many find it difficult to trust. The up and coming entrepreneurs can actually deliver alongside with the so-called “big shots” in the industry. Another challenge we face is the human capital; we rarely find committed staff members.

Most people are out to make quick money. A major challenge in the industry is the issue of quack planners; many chose the profession only to enrich themselves at the expense of the clients. They provide scruffy and unprofessional services. But thank God for the emergence of Association of Professional Party Organisers and Event Managers of Nigeria (APPOEMN) to curb all these.


We work with both permanent and temporary staff that are consistently trained in order to bring out the best in them. We work with dedicated staff that have eye for details.


We hope to become a household name and the preferred leader in the event industry by creating and sustaining a viable brand in the industry and delivering value beyond our clients’ expectations. The business is quite lucrative considering the passion, we have to satisfy and provide qualitative services and products for our clients. We deliver value beyond our clients’ expectations. We have successfully planned events for multinational companies like IBM West Africa, Penquin South Africa, and others like Rosario Furnitures, Netsolution LTD, Rosebuzz Oil & Gas, and several individuals.

The professionalism we display also makes the business so lucrative; because people out there prefer to do business with professionals – those that know their onions. Basically, our values – passion, integrity, professionalism and excellence have paved way for us.

But the harsh economic situations often push many prospective clients to the “quack planners,” thereby leaving them with regrets, and this has a negative effect on the business terrain. Also, the unstable power supply is a major concern.


I am a graduate of business administration and management from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. I have a wide range of administrative, banking and marketing work experiences. To pursue my passion for administration and organisation, I got trained by a UK-certified specialist, owner of Blooms Designs, as well as other local trainers in the field of event planning/management and catering services. I have also attended many training organised by high profile training organisations/business schools.

Starting out

Before enrolling for training, I waited on the Lord for direction, and since then I have had no reason for regret, even when business was not moving the way I expected it. Also, I joined an entrepreneur’s network (NECA Network of Entrepreneurial Women – NNEW), and I always attend seminars, conferences and workshops. And of course, I chose my mentors carefully.