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‘Nigeria’s entertainment industry is probably the next big thing after crude oil and Agriculture’

‘Nigeria’s entertainment industry is probably the next big thing after crude oil and Agriculture’

Wunmi Eruaga is the Chief operating officer for PTRlifestyle Group, owners of Kabaal Nightclub, Skyfall Oceanfront Club, Ghost record label and Ghost energy drink. In an interview with BusinessDay’s BUNMI BAILEY, Eruaga discusses his new office, brand strategy, and the industry.

You referred to yourself as being a hybrid of fun and corporate, can you shed more light?

When I say hybrid, I believe I speak about a movement bigger than myself actually. I represent a new wave of young professionals in the nightlife and hospitality industry that embody so much more than the glitz, glamour and sensational snapchat stories. Contrary to popular opinion, these industries are driven by hardworking and gifted individuals.

As the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of PTRlifestyle, how does it feel and what plans do you have for the company going forward?

Honestly, it feels great. A new feather to my hat is what it feels like. Moving forward I am dedicated to expansion. The brands Ghost, Kabaal and Skyfall Oceanfront have been positioned effectively and now it has become imperative that we consolidate this effort with perfecting our operations and services as well as birthing new brands. Some recent adjustments include PTRlifestyle morphing into Ghost Incorporated as the Parent company for the brands. We actually have a few things in store and I am here to execute.

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Why decide to be a Brand Strategist?

I was influenced by my father as a kid who was a marketer, he exposed me to literature on marketing quite early and I took a liking for helping brands reach their true potential. I figured that brands especially in Nigeria needed more attention. In the past seven years, I have helped brands achieve their visions and I find it very satisfying.

What kind of services does PTRlifestyle offer that differentiates it from other competitors in the market?

We are a hospitality and lifestyle company with over nine years of experience in creating really amazing social experiences. Partying is the core of what we do but the brand expands to a record label and an energy drink which will be launched later this year. What sets us apart is our attention to details, our passion for what we do and the dedication to customer satisfaction. We constantly improve on our services and this makes us trend setters in our industry.

What are the challenges and opportunities that PTRlifestyle has experienced since it commenced operations in Nigeria?

Besides the whole Covid-19 pandemic last year, funding has been a major challenge. The hospitality and lifestyle industry have grown tremendously and can do much more with funding.

As far as opportunity goes, we have our eyes on tourism and the potential for making Lagos a true tourist destination for entertainment and partying. It is becoming apparent that tourism might be the next goldmine for Lagos City.

What is the company working on now and where do you hope to be in five years?

We currently have our hands in Ghost energy drink which is slated to hit the market later this year.

In five years, we hope to have so much influence in the hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment industry that we can begin to shape the perception of Nigeria on a global scale.

Do you see Nigerians as luxurious lifestyle people and why?

Of course, we are. Contrary to the narrative of Nigeria being a modest country we have managed to be the favourites of most luxurious brands around the world, from automobile to fashion. We have taste but then it comes at the price of handwork and success.

Do you feel that the entertainment industry will improve positively in the next few years?

Definitely! At its current pace I would like to imagine that the Nigerian entertainment industry ranks high globally. In Nigeria it is probably the next big thing after crude oil and Agriculture. The entertainment industry will accomplish much more in the next few years especially now that acts like Burna Boy and Wizkid are doing big things on the international scene. We just need a healthy environment for exponential growth.

What will your final notes be to people who are already in the industry or want to enter the entertainment industry, what prospects await new entry?

We are doing great especially without ample support. I am aware of a lot of ground breaking achievements in the industry that is not necessarily publicized. Trust me we are doing amazing things and fast becoming a self-sustaining industry. For people looking to join the business or just work in the industry, I would like to say passion is key and a dedication to professionalism. The prospects are large for those looking to put in the work.