• Monday, July 22, 2024
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SAM Network boosts wellness with free health screening for widows, single mothers


Sponsor a Mom (SAM) Network, a charitable organisation in a bid to boost wellness recently held its third annual free health checkups for widows and single mothers in Nigeria.

Founded by Moyosola Kara, SAM Network, dedicated to supporting widows and single mothers in Nigeria provides monthly financial assistance to single mothers earning less than ₦50,000 monthly. Since its inception in 2020, SAM Network has admitted over fifteen mothers each year, offering comprehensive support to improve their lives and those of their children.

Funder Kara shared her motivation for starting SAM Network: “As a mother raised by a single mum in Nigeria, where welfare services for single mothers are non-existent,” Kara said.

“I witnessed the societal stigma faced by unmarried or divorced women striving to support their families. Many women sought financial and emotional support in our homes. SAM Network was created to provide a robust support system for these women.”

During the summer holidays of 2022, SAM Network partnered with the art foundation YAWOA to host a pottery class for the children. This Easter, the organization held a fun day with food and entertainment for the children.

Additionally, SAM Network offers free health screenings, physician consultations, medications, annual food drives, business talks, parenting sessions, and virtual counselling sessions conducted by trained counsellors for mothers.

SAM Network also operates with full transparency, ensuring that donations go directly from sponsors to beneficiaries. Sponsors receive regular updates, including school report cards and general notes on the well-being of their sponsored families.

In 2023, SAM Network launched its school fees scheme, allowing sponsors to pay directly for the education of their beneficiary children. This initiative successfully funded over one million naira in school fees for students from primary to tertiary institutions.