• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Iwosan ramps up fitness services amid soaring treatment costs

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Iwosan Lagoon has ramped up its capacity to provide fitness services to Nigerians in a bold move to address the soaring cost of healthcare and empower them to hedge against avoidable treatment expenses.

The hospital inaugurated the Iwosan Wellness Centre in Victoria Island Lagos, a facility primarily equipped to detect early warning signs, especially for non-communicable diseases and enhance lifestyle choices from exercise to diet, Pilates, and mental therapy among others.

As Nigeria’s naira devaluation crises persist, inflating the cost of care in a health market heavily anchored on drug imports, many Nigerians are facing a tough time footing their health bill.

Dealing with a serious health issue could translate to a huge financial burden that many cannot face. This has led healthcare providers to invest in services that can keep illness at bay.

Fola Laoye, cofounder and CEO of Iwosan Investment said the rise in lifestyle disease has significantly increased the demand for wellness checks, prompting providers to promote prevention.

She said the vision is to impact the health and livelihood of as many possible as the company plans to roll out services across the country.

“We are seeing more lifestyle diseases. The National Council on Health has brought out preventive as one of the main areas of a strong healthcare system. It is important to build up the system locally and advocate to our population to realise that they can be looked after here,” Laoye told BusinessDay during the launch of centre.

The hospital is accredited internationally by the Joint Commission International, about 1000 standards of ensuring that its care system is patient-centred.

It will target a combination of medical assessments and personalised lifestyle services to help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. Dedicated coaches will create tailored programs that address physical, mental, and emotional needs, empowering individuals to take control of their health journey.

Banji Awosika, consultant nephrologist and wellness coach at Iwosan Wellness Centre said the conscious of healthy living had improved among Nigerians compared to the 80s but there is more to be addressed.

“Ours is a sanctuary for individuals who seek to embark on a transformative journey to extreme health and we are methodical about tailoring our offerings to specific needs. This facility embodies our commitment to providing holistic care and helping individuals to get the best out of life at any age.”

Similarly, Oluwatomi Kogo, managing director Iwosan Wellness said the idea of the wellness hub is to also offer lifelong partnership in preventive health and wellbeing.

“Our team of experienced medical professionals, fitness instructors, nutrition experts and other wellness professionals work collaboratively to deliver the best outcomes to you,” she said.

The centre has also commenced partnerships with organisations.