• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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How myPharmacy strategic investment will drive solutions for community pharmacies

New Pharmacy Act aims to cripple multibillion open drug market

In bid to continually strengthen and improve access to quality healthcare in Nigeria both in the professionalism and business performance of community pharmacies in providing care to the populace, myPharmacy launches new business solutions.

Community pharmacies face a myriad of issues including poor inventory management, difficulty in hiring and training members of staff, struggling to make the right technology choices, declining profit margins, drug shortages, fear of sub-standard medications, as well as procurement and logistics issues among others.

From myPharmacy management expertise, this will be a game-changer, as pharmacy owners would easily scale their businesses riding on the business support.

“myPharmacy continually ensures value provision by utilizing technology, aggregation and managerial expertise for every client to ensure our healthcare systems are strengthened and stands in the gap to improve the community pharmacy experience, working with pharmacy owners, members of staff, and healthcare consumers” said Osinowo Adefemi, managing director, myPharmacy All Day Branch.

Adefemi explained this is ensured by using technology to ensure continuous delivery of premium healthcare and improve access to genuine and affordable medicines across Nigeria, with experience, the organisation recognised that, in place of a generalised approach, there was the need to tailor value to each client.

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“This prompted the decision to transition to the myPharmacy Pay Per Service Subscription (PPS Model). This model is a customizable, tailor-made business solution to meet the unique needs of each community pharmacy.

“Pharmacy owners can subscribe to myPharmacy PPS Model through three (3) ways; Partner Support, Performance Support, and Member Support. Each of these provides detailed analysis, support, and expertise for community pharmacies, according to their needs and budget. It also offers flexible payment plans to suit the user’s finances,” he said.

‘Community pharmacies are usually the first port of call in our healthcare systems in Nigeria. Our goal at Advantage Health Africa is to improve access to genuine and affordable medicines in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This Subscription Service model will empower and support all community pharmacy owners with business management expertise, access to market and resources in rendering quality healthcare services and running a profitable and sustainable business,’ assures Yewande Adekoya, Operations Manager, Advantage Health Africa.

myPharmacy as Nigeria’s first pharmacy franchise chain, the organization has supported and improved over 50 pharmacies in the country and it is a member of Advantage Health Africa.