• Monday, April 15, 2024
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Healthcare experts advocate standardisation in Nigerian healthcare sector

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Healthcare experts are strongly advocating for the standardisation of healthcare practices within the Nigerian healthcare sector.

The call to action was made during the 7th Continuous Medical Education (CME) event hosted by Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria in Lagos, with the theme ‘Health Promotion: An Effective Tool for Global Health.’

Olayemi Dawodu, managing director Clina-Lancet Laboratories, stressed the need for healthcare practitioners to adopt best practices that align with international standards. She emphasised that healthcare should transcend geographical and community boundaries, highlighting the importance of a unified approach.

As the leader of Nigeria’s first ISO-certified laboratory, Dawodu underscored the significance of staying updated with industry innovations to address the diverse healthcare needs of the public.

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During discussions with reporters at the event, she elaborated on the mission to strengthen the healthcare system, stating, “We recognise that achieving health promotion requires a multifaceted approach, with many health influencers originating from social determinants.”

She also stressed the importance of involving stakeholders and policymakers through CME to promote global health.

Jean Njab, Country Assurance Manager and Quality Advocate, emphasized the need to incorporate measurable metrics to evaluate patient progress and track outcomes as part of the initiative to establish global healthcare standards.

“Quality without metrics is nothing more than wishful thinking,” he said, highlighting the role of metrics, such as the Six Sigma metric, in providing structure and standards to healthcare. These metrics enable healthcare professionals to assess, manage, and ultimately enhance healthcare delivery.

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Representing the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Atinuke Onayiga, chairperson of the Lagos State Health Service Commission, expressed the state government’s pride in collaborating with Clina-Lancet Laboratories to redefine healthcare in the nation.

She emphasized the pivotal role of healthcare in building sustainable societies and urged healthcare professionals to establish robust institutions and promote collaboration to advance the entire sector.

Onayiga also highlighted the transformative potential of healthcare practitioners in revolutionising the Nigerian healthcare system, noting, “Healthcare progress depends on staying current with the latest healthcare advancements and trends, including diagnostics and health education.”

She called on healthcare professionals to proactively educate and empower individuals and communities to take charge of their health, recognising their ability to drive change and make healthcare a universal right.