• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Healthcare firm taps digital access to expand business footprint in Africa

Healthcare firm taps digital access to expand business footprint in Africa

…As Wellahealth launches into Kenya

Wellahealth, a healthcare technology company with a focus on revolutionising access to healthcare across Africa, said it will leverage its digital expertise to expand its business footprints in Kenya.

The firm hopes that just like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and the rest of Africa will benefit from simplified healthcare management access for families separated by geographical distances.

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According to the company, this strategic move marks a significant milestone as it continues its mission to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to people in Africa and beyond.

Ikpeme said Healthsend Africa empowers users to access an extensive array of healthcare services for their loved ones residing in Kenya, which encompass the procurement of authentic medications for chronic illnesses.

According to Ikpeme, the product was manufactured to solve the problem of accessing quality medicine and care for families.

“Other services provided by Healthsend Africa such as the arrangement of doctor appointments, accessing health insurance products and the remote monitoring of health conditions, will be added in the coming months,” Ikpeme said.

Ikpeme further said that the platform streamlines the process of transferring funds to cover medical expenses, guaranteeing complete transparency in fund utilisation.

The expansion into Kenya, Uganda and the rest of Africa, led by Joseph Okoroafor, Healthsend’s Product Owner and Growth Marketing executive, comes after a successful rollout in Nigeria, where the platform has garnered significant praise for its innovation and impact.

It also marks a significant milestone for Wellahealth, as the company continues to provide much-needed solutions to the challenges faced by both patients and healthcare providers in the continent while empowering individuals with the ability to confidently manage the health of their loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

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This move aligns with the company’s mission to improve healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality across Africa.