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Foundation, partners, hold second roadwalk to promote wellness

Foundation, partners, hold second roadwalk to promote wellness

In a bid to contribute to the wellness and health of Nigerians and residents of Nigeria, Waka Community International Foundation held its second road walk on Saturday, October 8, 2022. This was done in collaboration with Q-Life Family Clinic and Health Emergency Initiative (HEI).

The road walk, which is popularly known as “Waka” aimed at informing, educating and persuading Nigerians and the world, to take personal responsibility for their wellness by walking and eating right as well as getting enough quality sleep.

After multiple announcements on various platforms, the first “lets Waka with Q-life and HEI” was held in Nigeria On May 7, 2022. Lorenz Mba, Founder, of Waka Community International Foundation, said people are encouraged to walk a minimum of thirty minutes daily and eat healthy in controlled portions and get adequate sleep.

He said: “Through Waka-ing (walking), eating right and getting good quality sleep, we are building a community of people who are fitter, leaner, healthier, and ultimately happier.

“Walking helps keep away unwanted fat, helps maintain a healthy weight, arthritis and diabetes,” he said. “Walking is one of the best-kept secrets in the world.”

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In addition, Mba said Nigerians are catching on the initiative as the turn out for the second edition increased by over 20 percent.

Waka Community International Foundation is the initiators of this collaboration and it has over 2500 members in over 35 countries and in many cities in Nigeria.

The partners, on the second edition included talk about basic cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid by HEI.

“We are an organization that saves life,” Paschal Achunine, Executive Director, HEI, said. “With this initiative, we are promoting the importance of healthy living through walking and exercises.”

He urged people to work and exercise frequently and embrace the consciousness and the value it adds.

HEI is a nonprofit organisation that works to provide financial assistance to indigent and vulnerable patients in public hospitals for the overall purpose of saving lives through all her lifesaving programs.

It has financially assisted over 1,400 victims in the last seven years.

“We partner in this initiative to sensitise people on the benefits of walking,” Adeola Adebowale, Head, business support and finance, Q-Life, said.

She said: “Walking is the oldest and safest form of physical exercise and is non-discriminatory on grounds of age, gender, level of physical fitness or location.

“It helps Walking also helps improve cardiovascular fitness, contributes to clearing the mind and it boosts our moods,” she said. Q-Life Family Clinic operates within the primary health care and immigration health screening space in Nigeria.