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‘Exposure to technological devices and radiation has huge health challenges on human body’

‘Exposure to technological devices and radiation has huge health challenges on human body’

The world is faced with the reality of modernisation which comes with over-reliance on technological devices. While these technological devices aid human productivity, they also come with some side effects on human health. Shafi Shaik, product specialist for Qnet shares an insight into some of the health products developed by the company to help human beings cancel the effects of technology-induced ailments and also balance the electromagnetic frequencies in the body. He also spoke on how the company intends to make Nigeria a hub for its direct selling market in Africa. AMAKA ANAGOR-EWUZIE brings the excerpt:

Nigeria has the population and the market to drive business. Why did it take your company this long to launch into the country?

Qnet is a global lifestyle and wellness company offering global direct selling opportunities to partners globally. Our business model is direct selling which implies that it is word of mouth. We actually started operations in Nigeria over a year and a half now.

During this period, we have made Nigerians aware of our products through a direct selling method and about a brand called Amezcua and so many products that can help improve the quality of life.

So, since we are already in Nigeria, through word of mouth, we are strengthening all areas namely science, education, awareness scientific validation with local organisations. All these measures were taken, because this market is just starting right now for us.

From an expert standpoint, what effect does exposure to harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) have on the human body?

The advent of 4g and 5g with its technological revolution has also exposed humans to adverse effects of electromagnetic frequencies radiation that has resulted in depleted and inconsistent energy levels, low mood, anxiety, depression and lowered immunity.

Wireless has brought about landmark developments. We are energy beings, so we respond to electromagnetic fields differently. As you know that mobile phones today are even given to children without any kind of awareness on how much damage it can cause to the children.

Environmental Health Trust in the United States of America demonstrated in a research that if you give a mobile phone to a child and allow him or her to make a phone call for 17 minutes, it was observed that 70 percent area of the brain increased heat inside the brain while that of adult increase by 30 percent because adults circumference of the brain is bigger than that of a child.

According to a research conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer, published on 31st of May, 2011, constant exposure to cell phones builds up possible human carcinogens. The report also found evidence of an increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer as a result of radiation from mobile phones.

Again American Psychological Association in 2019 report indicated that 75 percent of adults report symptoms of stress, including headache, tiredness, or sleeping problems.

The report also shows that chronic stress is a silent killer because it lowers resistance to diseases, causes anxiety and depression, eating disorders, decreased mood, reduced mental and physical performance, fatigue, accelerated ageing, development of unhealthy lifestyle habits and reduced sex drive.

As the use of mobile phones and wireless technology has been established as an integral part of modern communication, 75 percent of adults are said to have symptoms such as stress, headache, tiredness and sleeping problems due to exposure to harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).

To live energised in a wireless world, people must know their exposure level and take measures to reduce their exposure; practise earthing (grounding) to reduce electromagnetic frequencies; and use scientifically validated protective measures or devices.

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Your company recently launched some health wellness solutions into the Nigerian market, take us through some of them?

We are aware of the huge health challenges that exposure to technological devices and radiation has on the human body; so as a company, we figured out that its only technology that can cancel the effects of technology-induced ailments.

So, Qnet launched three solutions using natural elements available such as water, light and earth among others combine with science to proffer solutions to the problems. The new wellness products protect the body against abnormal electromagnetic resonances occasioned by exposures to electromagnetic frequencies among others which causes harmful biochemical changes in the body.

The first solution is Chi Pendant 4: This is a wearable health technology that incorporates universally appealing visual design and energy-transforming properties. The technology maintains specific frequencies, harmonising and balancing the wearer’s biofield – energy field, promoting whole-body health and optimal performance for today’s busy lifestyle.

The pendant acts as an energy carrier, to encourage and reinforce similar beneficial energies in the wearer’s body. As a result, the body is empowered to perform, with resilience to stressors in the atmosphere and in daily life.

It is visually appealing and comfortable to wear, making it suitable for all ages and styles. It is recommended for people who have multiple wireless technologies, like wifi routers, smart home systems, and Bluetooth-enabled devices among others. It is also recommended for people who spend time in a place of work where there are multiple computers and tablets; frequently using phones, tablets or gaming consoles.

The second solution is the Bio Light 3: The Amezcua Bio Light 3 is a breakthrough in biophoton light therapy. It is a holistic approach to wellness that covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of living. It is safe, simple, and non-invasive to use. It rebalances energy levels, relieves pain, promotes healing, reduces stress, regulates sleep and supports mental and emotional balance.

Internal and external stresses can cause biophoton emissions to be out of sync, explaining why one feels off balance when sick, emotionally tense or even just fatigued. This is where they said Bio Light 3 can make a difference by helping to restore the body’s natural light energy levels via the use of polychromatic, UV-free light.

The device utilises a range of different light wavelengths. And each of these visible light modes red, green, blue, white and near-infrared has been incorporated into the easy-to-use, custom-designed optic system to stimulate particular body parts and address specific concerns.

Red elevates mood, activates hormones, and promotes cell regeneration, blue boosts metabolism, calms the nerves, helps regulate sleep patterns, improves vitality, and fights inflammation.

Green aids detoxification, relieves stress and boosts the immune system. White helps clear space, promotes balance and harmony and synchronises the rhythmic vibration of mind and body, while near-infrared aids in wound healing, improves blood circulation, eases pain, helps skin regeneration and accelerates healing from allergies.

The third solution is Bio Disc 3: We have observed that water from natural sources is treated with chemicals and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins, leading to high tap water toxicity and abnormal estrogen levels in the water. The structure changes and, therefore, the water is considered dead water. It loses its natural healing benefits.

By harnessing quantum energy and the synergy of nature’s geometry and wave patterns, Bio Disc 3 generates gentle vibrations that restructure water.

The disc can be used to restructure and energise water back to its life-giving state. When water restructured by Amezcua Bio Disc 3 is consumed, it brings about many therapeutic benefits to the human body like an increase in energy levels and overall vitality, increased cellular hydration, increased bio-availability of essential nutrients, aids in cellular detoxification, and helps increase thought processing and mental awareness.

What are some of the unique selling points that stand these products out?

What makes our products stand out is their durability. For instance, the Chipendant and Biodisc 3 last for 30 years, while the Bio light lasts between three to five years because it is operated by batteries. Chi Pendant 4 is the latest version, Biodisc 3 is the latest version and Bio light 3 is also the latest version. Our products are so famous that others try to utilise them for marketing.

What are your plans for Nigeria in terms of product sensitisation?

In the short term, we want to immediately start doing a lot of scientific research, validations and coming up with publications and journals in Nigeria. In the medium term, we are going to introduce the products from Amezcua to small and medium-sized enterprises that can cater to the middle and lower class of people and make it affordable with the same benefits of wellness.

In the long term, we are looking at Nigeria as a very potential market to grow not just the Amezcua brand, but for other brands that offer lifestyle solutions. We also have a water purification solution or treatment solution. We also have a supplement solution, like we have the best nutrition brand that can give customers an antioxidant in their body called Life code edge. There are also plans to diversify our brands and our offering from Qnet in Nigeria in a long-term plan.