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Transfast Surveys “Women of the Nigerian Diaspora” for Global Women’s Day Celebration 2016

InternationalMothersDay_V1_R4_WP_FinalGlobally, Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring motherhood and all that mothers give to us. Beyond our own mothers, the women we celebrate on Mother’s Day might also include aunts, grandmothers or family friends – all of whom nurture and support us in a myriad of ways.

At Transfast, we know that mothers are celebrated on various mother’s day holidays around the globe. In the U.S., Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 8, so we decided to honor the amazing women of the Nigerian diaspora by conducting a survey of our customers who send money to Nigeria to better understand: Who are the women of the Nigerian diaspora? What are their aspirations? What makes them happy?

The results painted a dynamic picture of a group that is ambitious, family-oriented and diligent about saving money to send home to Nigeria.

Resoundingly, respondents said that women of the Nigerian diaspora aspire to further their education, with 95% agreeing with that statement.

The survey also found:

  • 48 % believe that women of the Nigerian diaspora make more than their male counterparts

  • 70% say women in the diaspora save more money to send home to Nigeria than men do

  • Of the women who typically send money home to Nigeria, the most popular answer to “what are those funds used for?” was “family” and “payment for school”

  • Women in the Nigerian diaspora described family (30%), happiness (21%) and balance (21%) as the things that made them happy

  • Although 79% think about the future (investments, retirement funds) only 39% say that women of the Nigerian diaspora are the predominant decision makers in the household

  • 48% of respondents say that women of the diaspora sometimes struggle with “work-life balance”

An info-graphic on TRANSFAST’s Women of the Nigerian Diaspora survey of can be seen below.

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