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We hope to empower 1,000 home-grown businesses in 5 years – CEO TACC hold 'Fix It' conference

Olori Ajayi, CEO and co-founder of The Arc Coaching Company (TACC), has a vision to empower over 1,000 home-grown businesses.

Ajayi, the CEO of TACC, a global coaching company that focuses on helping people discover and unleash their potential, says 1,000 businesses will be competing on a global scale in their respective industries and sectors.

She assures that the people to run these businesses will be world leaders and culture shapers.

Speaking during the launch of TACC in Lagos, she said, “The coaching company is not stratified by sectors.

It is about the individual. The person driving that business is more important than the business. We decided that we want people from all walks of life,” Ajayi says.

“We deal with the rich, those not-so-rich, and those in the poverty stricken areas. When you are birthing something, it is not easy and not the way you want it to be. That is why it is a rebirth process. The programmes are in three levels: Level one, two and three. The first level deals with mind; level two, money; and level three, business.

Speaking on the coaching company’s first conference coming up July 4, she says, “Through the ‘Fix It’ conference, we will give 50 people access to some form of investment fund. What we aim to do is to be a part of 50 businesses. With the knowledge, network and coaches, we will be giving people that access.”

Boye Ajayi, the co-founder of TACC, says the mission of TACC is to raise people of dominion who would shape culture, adding that TACC is developing people to lead in their respective fields and go ahead to influence their nations.

“We inspire people. We empower them and give them the right tools they can use to develop themselves. Our target audience is people between the ages of 18 and 45 years who are interested in getting more out of life. There are career people that we help, there are people with small businesses and some others just have an idea and we help them work through that process to make their idea realistic.”

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