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How Philips created Finlig to help students learn, earn

The effect of the Covid19 may not all be bad news after all, with the likes of   Olajide Philips, a techpreneur, bringing hope through his novel app,  Finlig, an online school of learning and earning.

 Philips, currently the chief executive of Pitxh Forth Solutions, took it as a burden to train young people on WhatsApp on different digital skills during the lockdown.

 Such skills include graphic design, 3D animation, whiteboard, and use of the smart phone, among others.

“As time went on, the number of students grew to 700 people across 9 different WhatsApp groups,” he says.

“After a while, it was becoming so stressful and demanding. People were joining from different states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. One day, precisely May 20th, I was on my couch thinking of how to help students that are currently at home due to Covid-19. Then the Holy Spirit dropped the idea of Finlig into my mind,” he says.

He was instructed to build a school portal and put all those training on the website and let everyone have access to them anywhere and anytime. And that was all,” he explains.

Speaking on his expertise, the entrepreneur says passion for information technology prompted him to get   trained as a

web developer, artificial intelligent expert, digital marketer, business coach, content developer and creative designer.

The tech expert says he holds an IBM certification, a diploma in music technology, a first degree in Business Management and Theology, as well as a master’s degree in Leadership and Theology.

Explaining how he built Finlig, he says, “Since I already have the knowledge of website development and graphic designing, it took me less than seven days to complete the website and put all the tutorials together after which I got a friend who assisted with the application.”

On what stands the app out, he explains that  Finlig is one of world’s best digital platforms that enable people to learn over 20 digital skills that are marketable for just less than $4 (N1000), saying that all skills are learnt from the smart phone, making it easy for those on- the-go.

He further explains that Finlig’s is  unique because its trainings are affordable. Its ability to leverage smart phone makes it special and provides an avenue for students to earn.

 “They can buy data as well as attend all the courses. Earning, however, is made possible by inviting friends to come and learn on the platform,” he says.

“Nigerian students currently at home due to Covid-19 can get positively busy with something worthwhile than wasting precious time on social media.”

Explaining the project’s contribution to Nigerian economy, he says,

“It’s all about empowering Nigerian youths with digital skills that make them globally relevant.”

Speaking on challenges, he says, currently, the only challenge he encounters is distrust from people on social media.

“People still can’t believe this is true, that we are teaching over 20 digital skills for just N1,000 and on smart phone. But with time we will overcome this,” he says.

On Post-Covid aspirations to clients, he explains that his vision is to make the online school available for all Nigerian students in senior secondary.

On the  future of his innovation, Philips says,  “Finlig is an idea that hopes to reach all African countries and spread to nations of the world. We had three students from UK who joined one of the classes during the lockdown. So the future is good and by God’s grace, we are there already. We have other features we are rolling out under Finlig umbrella such online store, Fintech and other amazing features.”

The tech expert advises budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria not give up on their dreams no matter how long they take. The entrepreneur says he has been in IT industry since 2013 and has never quit despite several setbacks.

Philips is hopeful of some form of support from government at all levels and would wish that the  Federal Government make Internet service available for all— like other developed countries. “I believe that if that is sorted, our digital idea will reach the world from Nigeria,” he adds.

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