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DICL awarded 12th fastest growing company in Nigeria

 Based on a survey conducted by the Allworld Network and Tony Elumelu Foundation, Domino Information Company Limited (DICL), started in 2008, has been recognised as the 12th fastest growing company in Nigeria.

DICL is a fast-paced information management and technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Its main focus is to create work tools for managers in both the public and private sectors of the social-economy, tools that make information intelligent and that enable managers make better decisions.

According to Uzo Nduka, chief executive, DICL, the company derives its energy from its people. He says: “Our human resource policies are built on the principles of non-discrimination, ownership of functions by staff, competitiveness of compensation package, transparency and a firm belief that good people are needed to achieve business success.”

He gives further insight into the business success, saying “we are a responsible business and are committed to conducting every aspect of our day-to-day operations on the right side of the law. DICL believes that creating real value for stakeholders is the primary functions of a business. However, in doing so, we seize viable opportunities to contribute to addressing the many environmental and social problems in the communities where we operate.”

The company’s mission is to make every client a long-team partner and its vision is to be in the workspace of every manager.

Its products include – The Business Manager Toolkit, the BM Tenders Toolkit, BM Yellow Pages, Business Procure 1.0, Public Procure 1.0, e-Gov Toolkit 1.0, in addition to services and training for business operators.

The Nigeria50, which are the 50 fastest growing companies, consists of firms growing at an average of 100 percent a year, with revenues of $9 million annually. Altogether, these 50 companies have created 6,600 jobs in the last few years and are expected to create additional thousands of jobs in the next few years. The Nigeria50 survey shows the possibilities of the country’s entrepreneurs, their contribution to providing solutions to the problems of malnutrition, unemployment and human resource skills gap in the country.



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