Blackout looms as excavation machine damages TCN transmission lines in Abuja

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, (TCN) has said that one of its 132kV underground transmission lines was damaged by an excavation machine working for IBB Golf Club in Abuja.

The TCN said the incident has made it to transmit bulk electricity meant for Central Area, Maitama, Utako, Jabi and several parts of the city without redundancy and with some restriction.

“This will throw the Central Area and areas being fed through that substation into total darkness as there would be no other transmission line to sustain electricity supply on this route.

The TCN General Manager Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, in a statement on Thursday explained that with a total available capacity of 160MW and total load demand of 96MW (2,304MWHr) on both lines, the damaged transmission line one is very strategic as line two alone cannot carry the entire load  From Katampe to Central Area Transmission Substation.

“As a result, the second transmission line is currently transmitting only 75MW (1,800MHr daily) at full capacity with a load drop of 21MW (540MWHrs daily) on that axis”, Mbah said.

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She said with the development, TCN operates without redundancy in the areas listed above.

She added, “This means that if anything happens to the second line, TCN would be unable to supply the Central Area Transmission Substation.

Mbah informed that the TCN has made the problem abundantly clear to IBB Golf Management who she said are slow in fixing the damaged underground line since June 18, 2019.

She alerts that the damage of its 132kV transmission line one, the second transmission line has been continuously transmitting 75MW.

Mbah called on the IBB Gulf Club Management must quickly undertake the repairs of the damaged underground 132kV transmission line, taking into account the urgency it requires.

She however noted that the TCN working with AEDC has been managing the situation to reduce the impact of the damage to the network on various customers of AEDC, but stressed the need for customers of AEDC to know about the problem while calling for their understanding.

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