• Sunday, December 10, 2023
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GE Vernova’s Gas Business hosts Aeroderivative Users Conference

GE Vernova reinforces ethical business practices across  Africa

GE Vernova’s Gas Power business hosted a Sub-Saharan Africa Aeroderivative Users Conference in Tanzania with the theme, “Building capacity and supporting energy security with aero-derivative gas turbines.” The event brought together customers and senior leaders from Utilities, IPPs, EPCs, and financial institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The forum discussed the global energy industry challenge of building a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy future, what it means for Sub-Saharan Africa and how Aeroderivative Gas turbines can support in addressing this challenge.

Operational flexibility is critical for gas turbines that complement renewable energy as it balances electric system loads and helps maintain grid reliability.

Speaking at the session, Oluwatoyin Abegunde, Regional Commercial Development Executive for GE Gas Power commented, “The Aeroderivative Users Conference complements our mission to accelerate the energy transition in collaboration with our power plant operators through using the region’s tremendous renewables potential together with its abundant natural gas reserves while transitioning away from higher carbon intensity liquid fuels such as HFO, and diesel.

We believe that gas will remain a critical element of the energy mix in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing the necessary baseload demand and at the same time stabilizing the region’s grid

while complementing renewables. GE’s aero-derivative fleet helps manage the complex grid requirements of tomorrow’s renewables-heavy grid.”

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Aeroderivative gas turbines offer a variety of fuel options which provide the capability to harness fuels from different sources and to switch between fuels when economically preferred without shutting down.

They also yield better efficiencies through rapid response to grid frequency fluctuations and combined cycle capability which results in better use of fuel. Due to their compact and modular nature, aero-derivative gas turbines can be transported, installed and commissioned very quickly. The TM2500 generator set is trailer mounted and can be installed faster than traditional power plants, making it ideal for short- and long-term energy planning, stabilizing the grid, or powering remote locations.

GE’s TM2500 gas turbines are strategically placed throughout the region, in countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola and Ghana, to provide emergency power because of their enhanced mobility, easy installation and critical grid backup. They also have lower emissions than diesel generators when operating on gas, and the availability of an SCR solution will enable them to further reduce NOx and CO emissions by 90%.

Beyond power generation, the conference also highlighted best practices in operating power plants, investments in grid transmission and distribution systems, the adoption of digital solutions, as well as access to financing.

The attendees also visited Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)‘s Kinyerezi and the Songas’ Ubungo power plants, to experience first-hand how aero-derivative gas turbines are supporting Tanzania’s flexible and efficient power generation needs while reducing carbon emissions. Songas has installed four LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbines at the Ubungo Power Plant in Dar es Salaam, while TANESCO has installed nine LM6000 and four TM2500 aero-derivative gas turbines at their power plants in Kinyerezi and Ubungo III.

With over 70 years of presence in Sub-Saharan Africa, GE has been collaborating with energy stakeholders to deploy innovative technologies tailored to respond to the needs of the Sub-Saharan Africa region with reliable baseload and flexible power.

GE delivers across the entire energy ecosystem

from generation to transmission and distribution and throughout the region, GE-built technologies are supported by GE local service and maintenance teams working together and in close cooperation with FieldCore to help ensure access to reliable and sustainable energy.