• Friday, July 12, 2024
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We will do our best to offer holistic varsity education – Babcock VC

We will do our best to offer holistic varsity education – Babcock VC

Ademola Tayo, Vice-Chancellor, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State has stated that the management of the university will not relent, but do their best to offer holistic education to students.

Tayo while reacting to an online story tagged ‘Four Worst Universities to Beware of in Nigeria’, where Babcock University was named the third described it as a sponsored campaign to smear the image of the institution.

Speaking in a meeting with journalists at the institution recently Tayo opines that many say we are glorified university because we monitor our students, but to say that out of 172 universities in the country, Babcock should be listed as one of the worst, is a campaigns aimed at smearing the institute.

“I know the university is envied by many, particularly when we matriculated almost 3,000 students when some private universities do not have even 100 students”

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“I believe that when you pull somebody down, you are also going down with the person. We are not resting our oars despite the media onslaught in recent times which has painted the university black.”

The vice chancellor was also on hand to explain why the institution expelled a 300- level Accounting student seen in a viral video having sex with a former student in a facility outside the campus.

He said the university had to expel the girl to protect the institution and its alumni, rather than being dragged in the mud or tagged derogatory names.

Tayo further announced that he was close to tears signing her expulsion letter, while expressing hope that the student will turn a new leaf, graduate and be celebrated in the near future.

“Anywhere our ladies go, we don’t want them to be tagged prostitutes and face all kinds of ridicules. If we keep mute, the public will think anything goes in the university. We have to make a statement through the discipline. I signed the expulsion letter with tears in my eyes as a responsible father.

“Babcock is based on love, but love has two sides, discipline and mercy. If we overlook some things that the students do, our children will not be the same. Some parents have called to commend me for the stand I took and that they would have withdrawn their children if they feel they are not safe on campus.”